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Rotating display new technology

Rotating display new technology

Product Details

Great Wheat Technology , the rotating screen of the bicycle hot wheels 801 shows that the new technology was launched in 2011, and initially joined the large-scale rotating screen to show the development of new products. This rotates the screen to show new technology. In general, it should be that 801 was actually put into operation in 2013. 801 has 256 high-brightness bead lights, LED life is 30,000 hours, screen display diameter is 495MM, and the net weight of the whole device is 325 grams, suitable for playing movies, it is a smart hot wheels display for the 26-inch wheels. The 801 is designed specifically for ordinary bicycle consumers, and has nearly patented industrial product designs.

The product's waterproof rating is IP67, which means it can work under normal conditions in water. The product uses an ARM performance processor to make the wheel sub-display with 16 million tones. This product has powerful DIY functionality, graffiti, animation, video, pictures, mobile words can be achieved, suitable for a variety of media format software for Microsoft computer systems Windows7, 8, 10, XP. The design concept has three 18650 battery cores, and a single battery can work. If the net weight is relieved, two batteries can be installed. 801 can be made into different applications, advertising, confession, cool, personality and so on.

How to operate the bicycle hot wheels?

Usually the hot wheels are all vibration-activated, and the wheels will vibrate when they turn. Twist the hot wheels. In the new case, there will usually be a strip of paper. When the strip is taken out and then pressed, it will light up (provided that there is a battery inside. The battery core should not be reversed) and then screwed into the air. On the mouth, the car can be turned on. However, it is not excluded that some hot wheels are light, in other words, when the light is sufficient (such as during the day), it does not light. You put it in the dark and it will be bright when it is shaken. In other words, it will shine at night!