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Bicycle hot wheels

Bicycle hot wheels

Product Details

Bicycle Hot Wheel 801PRO clear version has 416 high-blinking beads, Led has a service life of 30,000 hours, the screen display is 495 mm straight, and the net weight of the whole device is 315 g. It is suitable for playing movies. It is also a smart hot wheels display for 26-inch wheels. Screen.

The 801Pro is designed for dedicated consumers, and several near-perfect industrial designs are patented. The waterproof grade of the company's products is IP67, which means that it can work normally in clean water. The enterprise products use ARM performance processor to make the wheel display have 16 million color graphics.

The naked-eye advertising machine has a powerful DlY function, and art graffiti, animation, video, pictures, and mobile words can be realized. It is suitable for Microsoft computer systems Windows 7, 8, 10, XP. Three 18650 battery compartments are arranged, and a separate battery can work. If the net weight is reduced, two batteries can be used. 801PRO can be made into different technical applications, advertising, confession, cool, personality and more.

How does the naked-eye advertising machine work?

The naked-eye advertising machine is a three-dimensional digital image that looks out of the box no matter where it is visited. The visual effect is strong and the interface is simple and refreshing. It seems to be in front of you and can attract more quickly. Residents' eyes can enable merchants to easily remain invincible from the strong market competition of ordinary 2D advertising and enhance the role of advertising.

The advantages of the naked eye advertising machine:

1. Can get rid of 3D glasses, so that people can feel the stereoscopic projection effect of endless branches.

2. Adapt to 2D and 3D sources, zero-distance communication is free to change, the interface is more beautiful, but people have visual effects and impact.

3. The wall-mounting and three-dimensional arrangement can be used to make the three-dimensional space usage ratio of the larger layer.

4. Select cylindrical lens arrangement, with high contrast, high resolution, high brightness, low crosstalk and other advantages, make 3D graphics more deep and obvious, the advertising interface is like real objects, so that customers are recognized .

The company's products are mainly used in exhibition halls, shopping malls, stores, chain stores, cinemas, airports, high-speed rail stations, railway stations, banks and jewelers.