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Holographic advertising machine makes your advertisement instantly high
- 2019-07-29-
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Nowadays, all kinds of cool 3D holographic projection technology, it is estimated that everyone has not seen it in the movie. The hero of the movie is free to operate in the air. Everyone knows that this is the actor's live hang. Wia then made the effect of the computer post-production. Today, with the rapid development of technology, the pictures in the film have gradually moved toward life, such as the black technology to be introduced today - holographic advertising machine!

Holographic fans are also known as holographic advertising machines. The holographic 3D display cabinet is a more mature display technology with the development of science and technology. Through holographic projection technology, the image can be directly suspended in midair without any screen or medium, and it is a three-dimensional image display from any angle. The vivid three-dimensional display effect is also magical and true, giving people a magical visual experience. At present, the application of holographic 3D showcase in the industry propaganda is getting more and more attention.

So where is the popularity of 3D holographic advertising machines?

1. High brightness (1200Mcd) meets day and night advertising effects and provides benefits.

2. High resolution and high refresh rate for improved long-distance viewing.

3. The product is highly targeted and has good rendering results.

4. Wide application range and high sustainable development.

5. The stereoscopic effect is strong, the product can be stereoscopically displayed in all directions, the visual effect is shocking and the experience is strong, the eye-catching effect is good, and the advertising effect is good.

6. The display principle is special, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

7. The equipment technology is novel and the cost is lower than that of traditional external display equipment.

The holographic advertising machine is placed in the store, and the customers who come to the store will see the 3D holographic LED fan as soon as they enter the gate. Everyone can't help but watch it for a while and it will come. Will be a good propaganda tool for you!