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What is the difference between the 3D holographic advertising machine in the market?
- 2019-07-31-
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After three years of promotion and development, the 3D holographic advertising machine has already emerged in the market. This holographic advertising machine that can show the naked-eye 3D effect is applied to many scenes by merchants. The holographic advertising machine can be seen on the street, in the shops, in the bars and at the exhibition. In China Unicom 5G Conference, China Telecom 5G Conference, Fosun Symposium, CCTV "Urban 24 Hours", Wanda Wisdom Plaza and other large venues, 3D holographic advertising machines have played the charm of holographic technology. With independent lighting and 3D suspension imaging effects, it is constantly attracting customers. Not only has it brought visible effects to the merchants, but also allowed the 3D holographic fan advertising machine to stand firm in the advertising market.

And how does this 3D holographic fan advertising machine differ from traditional advertising machines in order to make holographic 3D screens a new advertising vehicle and have a tendency to replace traditional advertising machines? In fact, there are big differences in the surface of the two advertising machines. The traditional advertising machine is mainly based on LED flat screen and flat display. The 3D holographic fan advertising machine is able to display the product into a 3D effect, achieving the effect of floating floating shadow.

From the technical point of view of the product, the product technology owned by the flat advertising machine, the 3D full holographic advertising machine is also owned, and the 3D holographic fan advertising machine has, the flat advertising machine does not. The development of holographic advertising machines is actually a process of accumulation and precipitation. After more than a year of research and development, it has been landing in major commercial platforms and large-scale event venues since 2019.

It is also because of the visible promotion effect of the holographic advertising machine that the 3D holographic advertising machine ushered in this year. In the first half of the year, holographic advertising machines have become the holographic equipment for all major places at home and abroad. After the first half of the exposure, the second half of the year will also usher in a new outbreak, the trend to replace the flat screen display will become more and more obvious. Market space and market value, after the first half of the exposure, 3D holographic fan advertising machine will also become more investment prospects and benefits, and is welcomed and recognized by domestic and foreign investors.