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The naked eye advertising machine injects new vitality into the car advertising machine
- 2019-08-01-
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Why say: "Under naked eye advertising machine injects new vitality into the car advertising machine"? Together with the small wheat series Under the investigation, according to the survey, our domestic car ownership is nearly 140 million. With the rapid growth of car ownership, car advertising machines are increasingly favored by many advertising companies. However, due to the limited function of the traditional advertising machine, due to the viewer's inability to control, the travel is easy to visual fatigue, and the like, the content can not be deeply attracted to the passengers, and the effect of advertising is greatly reduced.

In order to continue to attract the attention of passengers, and further gain public attention, the use of naked-eye advertising machines is unstoppable. The combination of the naked eye advertising machine technology and the advertising machine greatly increases the "killing power" of the car advertising machine. Realize three-dimensional image display of real objects on a two-dimensional plane. Realistic three-dimensional images and vivid colors have powerful visual impact, and the display effect is much more shocking than that of high-definition screens.

After the continuous development of technology, the naked eye advertising machine technology has been greatly innovated. Consumers do not need to wear professional 3D glasses to watch high-quality 3D advertising images; and support 2D/3D formats. The source plays, and on the basis of 3D advertising, you can also watch all 2D video content.

The naked-eye advertising machine provides a new space for the car advertising machine with a wide coverage and high frequency of contact with consumers. It integrates images and sounds to achieve superior stereoscopic image display. In design, the product Taking into account the convenience of its use, the use of network centralized control, unified management, stand-alone management and other technologies to achieve different occasions, different environments, different needs of independent choice of playback.

In addition, the naked eye advertising machine also needs to have high stability and reliability, stable power system, adjustable brightness, anti-static and other characteristics, so as to ensure long-term normal operation during the movement, and bring Come to a good viewing effect. Zhuomei Huashi comprehensively considers the above factors and designs the products accurately. It is suitable for public transportation such as buses, subways, high-speed trains, trains and taxis. It can even be used for advertising on large vehicles such as airplanes and ships.