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I don’t know your OUT of the 3D holographic advertising machine
- 2019-08-02-
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Why do you say "Don't know the 3D holographic advertising machine you OUT"? As we all know, 3D holographic projection system often appears in science fiction movies. The most impressive one is the basement of the protagonist Tony's house in Iron Man. The 3D holographic projection Tony successfully designed the second set of Iron Man equipment. Nowadays, researchers at Queen's University in Canada have successfully developed the first 3D holographic video conferencing system. Although it can't be used for design equipment, it is quite expected to be used for the meeting, so that the technology in this sci-fi movie will appear in reality.

Today we will take a look at the magical black technology of the protagonists of science fiction movies!

The most missing thing in science fiction movies is artificial intelligence. In 2014, Interstellar has three particularly powerful robots. In fact, it is now very hot artificial intelligence, in these three robots. The force that makes people impressed is the Tas.

In normal circumstances, Tas is a square box, but it can be switched freely in a free liquid state and a solid state compared to the current robot. Knowledge and powerful deformation ability.

3D holographic advertising machine takes you to understand VR technology virtual reality. In 1999, "Dimensional Hacker" made the virtual reality exquisite. This movie has no virtual memory fragments, but virtual. The whole world.

The scientist’s public computer simulates a 1937 Los Angeles. He has to admire the brain hole at that time. He can also virtualize a city. From time to time, he enters the computer space and returns to that era. He can also choose a substitute and start. A completely different life. After watching this movie, you will begin to wonder whether the world is real or a virtual game of God.

3D holographic advertising machine to bring you to understand 3D holographic projection technology, to say that 3D holographic projection is most familiar with the fragment of "Iron Man", the movie protagonist is a super rich man, naturally his daily life There are also a lot of high-tech used in life. The hero in the movie can operate the 3D holographic projection in the air at will, and can also display the distant people or objects in the air in the form of 3D holographic projection, and it is the real naked eye. 3D, the visual effect is very cool.

With the continuous development of technology, more and more black technology in movies has become a reality, and the most popular one is the 3D holographic projection technology.

The latest 3D holographic advertising machine developed by the research team has undoubtedly become a hot spot in technology. The projection effect of the 3D holographic advertising machine presented by it has attracted the attention of countless people, even in foreign countries.

People have lamented that the effect is very cool. At the same time, users who have used the core electronic fan 3D holographic advertising machine also said that this product is doing very well.

Sometimes we have to lament the greatness of technology, and let a lot of things that exist only in fantasy become reality. Sometimes we have to admit that the advancement of technology does require more illusions, so that things that exist in the virtual world are slowly realized with technology. Now it seems that those seemingly unrealistic ideas may be the key to the future.

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