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What is the market for 3D holographic holographic advertising machine?
- 2019-08-03-
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Recently, a holographic 3D holographic holographic advertising machine suddenly burst into red in domestic offline applications, ranging from small streets and all kinds of large-scale summits to all kinds of large-scale summits. The appearance of the screen holographic advertising machine product. The holographic 3D screen is a technology that realizes naked-eye 3D by rotating the LED fan, brightening the lamp bead, and utilizing the principle of human vision persistence. Can be described as earning eyeballs, whether in formal occasions, or in private, can play a huge technological charm, constantly being played with new tricks, loved by the market.

New technology continues, new tricks are endless

Supporting 3D dazzling screen holographic advertising machine is constantly being played with new tricks, not only the product's simple naked-eye 3D effect, more It is the top jijan stabilization technology contained in the product. Coyes holographic companies have solved the problem of holographic 3D screens in many applications long ago. In the most basic display, on the basis of importing core chips, Coyes innovated the architecture technology to create a highly realistic reduction imaging of the industry and the most comfortable resolution level of the human eye. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of product audio synchronization, Coyes pioneered the audio synchronization module technology to get rid of the high-stability holographic audio synchronization of the mobile terminal. The online cloud platform and dual system connection product control, data processing and other services, can make the holographic 3D screen in the application under the line, the operation is more convenient, the control is more accurate. In the continuous updating of new product technologies, it also supports the emergence of new tricks for offline applications.

The 3D holographic holographic advertising machine has risen rapidly in the past two years, which has greatly replaced the traditional flat screen trend, not only because of its holographic naked eye 3D experience, but also because the holographic 3D glare screen is more traditional than the traditional plane. Screen applications are more extensive. When "Avengers 4" was first released, there was a wave of fans using the naked-eye 3D effect of the holographic 3D screen to imitate the same magical display as Dr. Singular, and instantly caught the attention on the Internet. In addition, there is also a creative gameplay that creates a pair of wings behind the back with a dazzling screen 3D holographic holographic advertising machine, which is not only practical, but also has a very high eye-catching ability.

Where is the future market?

3D Hyun Screen Holographic Advertising Machine With the continuous upgrading of new technologies, offline applications are also emerging. Relying on the powerful offline application capabilities of the 3D holographic advertising machine, the market value is constantly increasing. The holographic 3D screen represented by Big Wheat Technology provides consumers with the most direct consumption experience in the market through the industry's top holographic technology, achieving precise marketing for merchants, giving investors the most direct and stable income and market space. The holographic 3D display screen establishes a bridge between consumers, merchants and investors in the future market to achieve the most effective display.