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Innovative storm journey of naked-eye 3D advertising machine
- 2019-08-05-
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The following is an introduction to the "experience storm tour of the naked eye 3D advertising machine], it is well known that the advertising machine is The original concept of a new generation of smart devices is to turn advertising into a passive initiative. The mission of the birth of the advertising machine was to change the mode of passive advertising, and its major criterion was clear. With the development of science and technology, intelligence has become another major feature of advertising machines. Compared with passive acceptance, active contact is the goal that more and more enterprises hope to achieve. Intelligent interaction, public services, entertainment interaction, naked-eye 3D advertising machines and other functions have appeared in the advertising machine industry, and will set off a new round of display storm.

The naked-eye 3D advertising machine screen uses the lenticular grating technology to achieve the stereoscopic effect without the need to wear 3D glasses. There are data survey 3D ads that are 3.8 times higher than traditional print ads, and the click rate is 8 times higher. Realistic three-dimensional 3D vision can instantly attract the viewer's eye, stimulate people's interest and deepen memory, and is widely used in subways, airports, railway stations, shopping centers and other places.

The naked-eye 3D advertising machine tests the water in the film industry: 3D movies are a big area of 3D technology application, although 3D movies give an immersive opportunity to experience the live effects more realistically. However, 3D glasses have greatly hindered the experience of watching movies. Even with clipped 3D glasses, the weight is only a few tens of grams, which weakens the problem of heavy 3D glasses, but it cannot solve this problem fundamentally.

For those who are wearing glasses, it is undoubtedly a double persecution. Nowadays, the new generation of naked-eye 3D display breaks through the traditional technical defects, and its unique advantage of direct viewing without 3D glasses is popular. TV, projectors, game consoles, notebooks and other products have also begun to apply to naked eye 3D technology.

The advertising machine industry is accelerating: In the advertising machine industry, 3D has already exceeded the display of "HD". Based on this, the 3D of the player player has also begun to accelerate. In the actual promotion, supporting 3D pictures, the naked-eye 3D experience has become the focus of manufacturers' promotion, and its realistic and stereoscopic visual effects have become the focus of users' choice of products. At this point, the extension of 3D technology applications is out of control.

The application of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine technology has given the advertising machine a new vitality. No matter where it is, the naked-eye 3D advertising machine has the unparalleled real effect of the LCD advertising machine. I believe that in the future time. Such advertising opportunities have penetrated into more fields, bringing more people a magical visual effect, which in turn makes people's lives full of fantasy.

HD brings a deeper visual experience to people. In this information age, where TV commercials are everywhere, various high-tech and high-tech updates are too frequent. In addition to 3D, naked-eye 3D advertising machines, the application of laser display technology is also a driving force for the display market in 2019. Larger screens, higher resolutions, and more experience have become more high-end and important needs for consumers, and the emergence of naked-eye 3D advertising machines will bring more surprises to businesses and consumers.