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All kinds of highlight letters and soft film light boxes
- 2019-08-06-
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High-brightness luminous characters are an advertising identification product that uses LED lights as a light source to illuminate. LED luminous characters are beautiful in daytime, beautiful at night, energy-saving and energy-saving, durable and many advantages, LED lighting The word has the effects of lighting, beautification, decoration, etc., and is the mainstream of the current advertising logo. The luminous characters can be combined according to different materials to create a variety of effects. It is the best choice for many shops, buildings, doors and walls.

High-gloss word: Resin-emitting word Seiko resin has the characteristics of exquisite appearance, small size, noble, fashionable and luminous. The metal case is polished and polished, and a high-brightness LED light-emitting module is installed in the casing. After a plurality of processes, the resin glue is cast in the air purification room. This word has a fine craft and extremely uniform brightness.

Highlights: The flat letters are elegant, thick, energy-saving and beautiful.

High-bright luminous characters: stainless steel luminous characters, luminous characters (or light box characters), especially stainless steel light box characters, which have the metal texture of stainless steel characters, and also have acrylic letters to brighten and beautify , decorative effects, beautification, logo and advertising effects are particularly good, is currently the mainstream of metal word derivatives.

The stainless steel case can be made of brushed, mirrored (glossy). The laser is cut into a font shape, which is then edged, polished and polished. The stainless steel material is beautiful, gao, long life and weather resistant; the panel is imported with acrylic laser engraving and glass glue sealing; the light source is made of energy-saving LED for various advertising signs. The decorative effect of stainless steel letters, landscaping, logo and advertising effect is particularly good, the mirror stainless steel word is bright and bright, the daytime is beautiful, the night is bright, and the luminous characters are made.

Highlighted words: back-illuminated words

Back-lit light-emitting words are based on metal characters, and the light-emitting module is mounted inside the metal casing of the logo to the background wall. The side of the shell can be lighted, and the back of the shell can be covered with a transparent acrylic or the screw column can be supported to the wall. Achieve the effect of interacting with the background wall.

Highlights: Mini-lighting words

The mini-lighting word is also called the beveled acrylic LED. Specifically for chain stores, Chinese gao stalls, brand stores, brand chains and so on. Advertising for the overall design. It has the characteristics of exquisite appearance, small size, noble, fashionable, high brightness, uniformity, strong stereoscopic effect and no discoloration.

Highlights: Super Glow Words

Super Glow Words feature aluminum rims, liquid acrylic panels, and built-in LED modules. 12V voltage. The appearance is weak and the frame is more beautiful, and the panel permeability is as high as 92%. No yellowing, no cracking, easy to repair.

Highlighted words: exposed light letters

Punching exposed letters can be made of galvanized sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, etc., surface punched, welded, polished , baking paint. As needed, the LED single waterproof light string of the corresponding specification can be installed, and the light string can emit light of different effects such as monochrome, colorful, full color scanning.

Highlights: Acrylic Whole Body Letters

Three-sided flat acrylic letters with flat faces on the front and sides and three sides. Using the light-transparent 3mm acrylic to make the front of the word, the engraving process is used to shape the font. The front corner of the word is a flat right angle, the light-emitting 3mm thick acrylic material is used for the circumference, and the snow floating board is used as the bottom. The general thickness is 7mm. The LED bead is placed on the top, and the color of the bead varies with the customer's requirements or with the color of the panel.

High-bright luminous characters: crystal characters

Cut with transparent acrylic sheets of different thicknesses. If mechanical engraving machine is used, remove the edge excretion powder after engraving. The polishing machine is used to make the edge of the engraving word glossy and translucent. Now there is a laser engraving machine that can be directly embossed and bonded. The edges are shiny and transparent without burrs, and the craftsmanship is exquisite.

High-gloss word: UV high-definition soft film

The soft film was founded in Switzerland in the 19th century and introduced to China in 1995. It was introduced in China. This is an interior decoration material that has been widely used in recent years. The stability of the soft film light box is between -15 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius. The translucent film ceiling can be combined with various lighting systems (such as neon, fluorescent, LED lights) to create a dreamy, shadowless interior lighting effect.

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