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Teach you how to make a LED light box
- 2019-08-09-
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LED light box is usually made of aluminum-plastic panel, plus LEDs and colloids to illuminate The diode is a light source and is composed of an aluminum alloy profile frame.

LED light box making material:

Frame: 5mm aluminum alloy profile

Light source: Light-emitting diode

Panel: Aluminum-plastic panel<>

Fixing bracket: 30 angle iron or aluminum alloy bracket

Controller: two-way, five-way

Making LED light box tools:

Flashlight, 4.9mm drill, multimeter, light box resistance adapter, screw and screwdriver, needle-nosed pliers, glue gun glue stick, electric iron.

Steps for making LED light boxes:

1. The size of the aluminum composite panel is 122*244.

Use the wallpaper knife to cut the appropriate size, and then use the pattern to the art department to paste it on the aluminum composite panel.

2. According to the font and size of the word, use the distance between the pen points in the center of the word, the pattern lamp distance is 1.5-2cm. Run 3cm across the lamp, be flexible, and the better the denser the better. It can also be made into a hollow word for better effect. (When you draw the point, pay attention to the distance when crossing)

3. Punch the hole with a flashlight or engraving machine, and finish the burr after cleaning.

4. Install the lights in the pattern (+, ) (+, ) for later connection. The lamp must be installed in place.

5. After installation, make a half glue on the side of the lamp to connect. The picture below shows the connection of the lights. The lamp corners can be put together but they must be solid, and the Zui is better than the solder.

6. The LED lights in each word or pattern are connected in series, each circuit has a red color of no more than 115, a blue color of no more than 73, and a green color of no more than 80. When the word or pattern is large and exceeds the number used, add another loop.

7. Words and words or patterns and patterns are connected in parallel.

8. Be sure to do anti-static work during the production process.

9. Note that all pins of the LED light box must not be shorted.

10.Measure the current of each loop to ensure the current is 15-20mA

11. Select the number of resistors according to the number of pattern beads, and put the lead on the resistance welding into the yellow wax. The string in the tube is between any two LEDs in the loop.

12.Led welding time can not exceed 3 seconds. (zui use a constant temperature soldering iron and have a grounding wire)

13.Connect the controller and watch the production. The light box display is normally assembled with a glue stick and assembled.

14. Three-in-one (five-way) controller output DC 220v, red is positive, the positive lead of the lamp bead is connected to red, the negative lead of the light box word is connected to yellow, and the three green lines are the negative of the running. One color per color. White is the negative electrode that is always bright.

15. Place 1-2 8mm leaking holes at the lower end of the light box frame. The edge of the aluminum-plastic panel on the side of the aluminum material is fixed according to the size of the light box, and the aluminum-plastic composite panel is fixed by screws to prevent the panel from being deformed.

16. Perform a 48-hour aging test (allow the light box to illuminate for 48 hours) before installation to check the reliability of the light box.

17. The long-angle of a single plant is a positive pole and the short leg is a negative pole. Even the led to see the chip inside the lamp bead, the big is the negative, the small is the positive, compared with the single plant led.

18. Refer to the table in the controller picture for the number of lamp bead resistors.

19. The controller outputs DC 220v, so be sure to pay attention to safety during the production process. Do not operate while power is on.

20.When making the light box, install the aluminum-plastic panel with the word sprayed into the frame and simulate the vertical drill in the form of a bench drill.

This way, an LED light box is ready~