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The 3D holographic advertising machine that Extreme Challenge is also playing
- 2019-08-10-
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Recently, the 3D holographic advertising machine successfully extended the market to the entertainment field. In the final phase of the fifth season of the fire variety show "Extreme Challenge", the ceremony at the end of the program, a group of super large fan splicing The screen holographic advertising machine appeared in the center of the stage, adding a lot of visual experience to the concert.

The holographic advertising machine is a product in holographic display. It has risen rapidly in the past two years and has a tendency to replace the traditional flat screen, not only because of its holographic naked eye 3D experience, but also because of holographic 3D. Hyun screens are more widely used than traditional flat screens.

Holographic advertising machines With the continuous upgrading of new technologies, offline applications are also emerging. Relying on the powerful offline application capabilities of holographic 3D cool, the market value is constantly increasing.

From the initial product display field to the exhibition display, event display and other fields, it is more attractive than the street flat screen display.

The holographic fan can replace the mainstream LED flat screen and holographic screen carrier in the entertainment market. Among them, Zui is mainly a breakthrough in product technology, from the initial unsuitable for stage display, to now Approved applications, not only the improvement of holographic imaging effects, but also the increase in product safety and practicality.

In order to develop market coverage, the product chip, architecture, appearance, system, material and other aspects have been comprehensively improved, and in practical applications to ensure the practical and safe operation of the product, let the product The strength is enough to support the extension of the holographic fan market tentacles.

The above is about the related content of "3D holographic advertising machine that "Extreme Challenge" is also playing. We believe that the market that is currently being developed is actually only the tip of the iceberg of the entire holographic market. As the next product continues to upgrade, more markets will be developed.