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Holographic advertising machine has been recognized by CCTV as a new unicorn
- 2019-08-11-
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Recently, CCTV launched a documentary called “24 Hours in the City”. The documentary is viewed 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, and looks through real and vivid pictures of life at different time points. Each city's unique temperament and personality. In the latest Shenzhen station, not only the rise of the Shenzhen city, but also the development of technology. In the technology sector, artificial intelligence and holographic technology have become the focus. The holographic technology product that appears in the documentary is called the 3D dazzle screen holographic advertising machine. It is a product that produces the naked eye 3D effect by the rotation of the LED fan and the lamp bead, and the principle of the human eye vision is retained. Great attention.

High-tech makes holographic technology more popular with CCTV

As one of the representatives of technology, holographic 3D screen (also known as holographic advertising machine) has been developed in the market. Mature, after years of precipitation, relying on mature technology, holographic 3D screens have been able to fully meet commercial needs and are widely used in the market. In addition to CCTV, at China Unicom's 5G conference, China Telecom's 5G conference, and Fosun's new retail seminar, it also has its presence. This holographic 3D screen from Guangzhou Coyes is on various occasions. Fully demonstrated the high technology content of holographic technology. The ability to use the first independent audio module technology to demonstrate fine-quasi-audio synchronization. There are also online control through the industry's rare cloud platform and dual system online connection, and the infinite plasticity infrastructure built with rare imported core chips, ultimately achieving a realistic naked-eye 3D experience, consumer experience and precision-quasi-drainage Become the new darling of the market.

The new display carrier has become the market darling, and the holographic 3D screen advertising machine market is maturing

Depending on the development of Chinese technology, 3D holographic holographic advertising technology has also been rapidly improved. With the popularization of the current market, there has been a trend of gradually replacing the flat screen display. Compared with the flat screen, not only the quality difference in the display, but also the performance and quality of the product are also significantly different. The holographic 3D screen is lighter, lower power consumption, and the price is more advantageous.

As the only country with production capacity in Asia, and also the center of the world holographic 3D screen advertising machine industry, relying on the development of product technology, not only the holographic 3D screen is gradually matured in the Chinese market, the world market is also Got development. The reason why the 3D screen holographic advertising machine could not be developed rapidly in the past is that the market has mature holographic technology. However, there is a separation between research and development and production. Separation of processing and processing plants does not guarantee the deep integration of holographic technology, and cannot be guaranteed in terms of quality, quantity, and efficiency. With the rise of the domestic holographic industry in recent years, there has gradually emerged a highly integrated enterprise integrating R&D and production. Although there are no more than three companies with this capability in China, holographic enterprises with rich production experience have emerged. Among them, Coyes, with 23 years of production management experience, perfectly fills the gap between market technology and products.

After solving the problem of quality and production, the display effect of the holographic 3D screen advertising machine has become more realistic, and the trend of replacing the flat screen display is more obvious. In addition to having a global market, in the show, the consumer experience and precision-quasi-marketing presented through the unique naked-eye 3D are also required by the current market, and perfect as a product among consumers, merchants and investors. With the advent of 5G, holographic 3D screens will also be accelerated, and the market explosion has become an inevitable trend, and it is also the best time to enter the market.