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Analysis of naked-eye 3D advertising machine and holographic projection technology
- 2019-08-12-
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The following is a small series of big wheat to introduce to you, "Analysis of the naked eye 3D advertising machine and holographic projection technology" related content, no doubt 3D is the abbreviation of three-dimensional, is three-dimensional Geometry. Display 3D geometry in a computer, that is, display 3D geometry in a plane. Unlike real life, really three-dimensional, there is a real positive time virtual space. The computer just looks like a real world, so the 3D geometry displayed on the computer is just like the real thing. The basic feature of the human eye is that it is close to big and small, and it will create a sense of hierarchy.

The new technology of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine is the basic feature of the parallax of the human eye. Without any auxiliary tool device (such as 3D glasses, helmet, etc.), it can be obtained with virtual space and deep. Layered texture stereoscopic projection. New things in the painting can be highlighted on the interface, and can also be hidden in the interface. Colorful, well-organized, lively and perfect, it is a true three-dimensional image.

At present, the mainstream naked-eye 3D advertising machine technology includes: slit type liquid crystal grating, lenticular lens, pointing light source, and active backlight.

1. Slit-type liquid crystal grating. The principle of this new technology is that after adding a slit grating in front of the screen, the image that should be seen by the left eye is displayed on the LCD screen, the opaque stripes will block the right eye; similarly, the image that should be seen by the right eye. When displayed on the LCD screen, opaque stripes will block the left eye, allowing the viewer to see the 3D image by separating the visual interfaces of the left and right eyes.

2, lenticular lens, the new technology principle is to reflect the pixel points of the left and right eyes in the left and right eyes through the principle of the lens refraction, to achieve image separation. The advantage of the new technique of contrast slit grating is that the lens does not block the light, so the brightness is greatly improved.

3, pointing to the light source, simply to precisely control the two sets of screens to project images to the left and right eyes.

4, active backlight, using optical microstructure to form a backlight module, the light beam emitted by the backlight can be adjusted under the control of the electronic device.

The front-projected holographic display is a new type of 3D technology. It refers to a new technique for recording and reproducing the true three-dimensional image of an object using the principles of interference and diffraction. Then with the guidance of sci-fi movies and commercial propaganda, the concept of holographic projection gradually extended to commercial activities such as stage performances and exhibitions. However, the holograms we usually know are not holographic projections on strict effects, but a kind of holographic projection technology that uses 3D effects such as Pell phantom and edge blanking.

The application effect of the naked eye 3D advertising machine and holographic projection technology.

The principle of the holographic advertising machine LED fan is that once the power is turned on, the blades start to rotate, and the LED lights mounted on the blades will illuminate.

And we can see the reason why the 3D floating image projected on the blade is mainly due to the human visual persistence (POV) phenomenon.

Vision persistence: When the object is moving fast, when the image seen by the human eye disappears, the human eye can still retain its image, about 0.1-0.4 seconds. And because there is no border, there is no fixed screen, and the moving picture looks like it is suspended in the air, very realistic.

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