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The holographic advertising machine market will usher in a bonus period
- 2019-07-23-
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Holographic advertising machines (also known as holographic 3D screens) are one of the many products of holographic technology and the most commercially available products. The LED fan rotates and the lamp bead shines, and the naked eye 3D effect is generated by the human eye POV vision persistence principle. As an advertising display carrier, it has undergone many years of development since its birth, and it has greatly replaced the trend of flat screen display.

Since the beginning of 2019, the holographic advertising machine has been fully developed, and the market is heating up. More and more people are turning their attention to the holographic advertising machine industry. In order to meet the needs of the market, holographic advertising machines are also constantly upgrading and optimizing. With the continuous upgrading of market technology, the current holographic advertising machine has been greatly improved in the display of fidelity, product quality, and additional control services, reaching commercial standards.

In the past six months, the holographic advertising machine has also frequently appeared in the headlines of various media, and has attracted the attention of many international groups. The central authoritative media represented by the central government and the local authoritative media represented by the Yangcheng Evening News. Interview with the holographic advertising machine. In the hot global Beijing Wanda Smart Plaza, China Unicom and China Telecom 5G Grand Ceremony, the industry's leading Daikin Air Conditioning, International Investment Group's Fosun Group, Huawei and other international companies, have also paid attention to the holographic advertising machine industry, and Use this product for display.

Innovative technology is one of the major factors that holographic advertising machines have ushered in within half a year, except for the naked-eye 3D effect that is different from traditional flat screens. From the product itself to the product add-on service, relatively comprehensive innovation coverage has been carried out in the early stage of the industry. Aside from the traditional audio transmission technology, the product pioneered the industry's unique independent audio module technology, cloud global control and dual system connection, etc., innovative use of the industry's rare core architecture technology, compared with the previous holographic fan products, resulting in disruptive innovation .

At present, the application scope of holographic advertising machines has been very extensive, involving advertising media, exhibitions, tourism investment, scientific research and teaching, construction design and other industries. Different holographic advertising equipment display schemes can be selected according to different scenes. For example, exhibition exhibitions can be selected for continuous screen display, and a large screen display wall can quickly attract a wide audience. The construction design can be selected to show good results. Various details; if there are many products, you can choose the basic equipment, you can use multiple devices to display each product. At the same time, the application range of holographic advertising machines is still expanding.

After years of research and development of technology and the gradual promotion of the market, the holographic advertising machine is now fully equipped with commercial standards and is increasingly recognized by the market. In addition, the 5G commercialization, the demand of the consumer market has become more obvious, in the 5G era, efficiency has become a market trend, simple and convenient consumer experience, let consumers feel the performance of products, precision marketing allows businesses to reduce various costs . The holographic experience brought by the holographic fan can effectively build a bridge between the two.

From the holographic advertising machine channel, the market space of holographic advertising machines is still expanding, and the market value continues to soar. With the official commercialization of 5G, holographic advertising machines will be carried out in the market. Fully rolled out in order to take the lead in the 5G market. In general, after years of market and technology precipitation, the holographic advertising machine caters to the arrival of 5G, and the display market of the holographic advertising machine will be erupted, ushered in the first dividend stage of the industry. At present, it is also a good time for investors to enter the market, to cater to the market expansion and dividend outbreak brought by 5G, and to obtain the maximum benefit.