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Create a hotel advertising highlights preferred naked-eye 3D advertising machine
- 2019-07-22-
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LCD advertising machines have penetrated into various industries, and major hotels have adopted such methods for information promotion. However, with the large-scale use of LCD advertising machines, the homogenization phenomenon is becoming more and more serious, and it is difficult to achieve the expected advertising effect. The naked eye 3D advertising machine has made a breakthrough and has become a highlight of the industry.

Hotel LCD advertising machine application, can release the hotel's surrounding entertainment venues and tourist attractions in real time, provide customers with fast and convenient information; timely release hotel emergency notice to ensure the effectiveness of information transmission And timeliness; display daily information of various forms such as weather information, world clock, air quality, etc., and serve customers in a humanized manner; at the same time, the large screen displays the schedule of the day, and improves the hotel grade... Many application functions and service advantages were once received by the merchants. Chased.

However, when using LCD advertising machines became a common phenomenon, its advantages gradually weakened and became less obvious. Flat, homogenous forms of advertising make it difficult for consumers to raise interest, and advertisers cannot find better ways to stimulate consumers. The naked-eye 3D advertising machine was born, breaking this embarrassing situation and bringing new business opportunities to advertisers.

The naked-eye 3D advertising machine, with its excellent naked-eye 3D function, can effectively attract consumers' attention and stimulate consumer interest. Zhuo Meihua, the person in charge of technology, said: The naked-eye 3D advertising machine adopts the cylindrical lens technology, and has the naked-eye 3D function on the basis of the traditional liquid crystal advertising machine; the stereoscopic picture, the strong sense of the screen, and the deep depth of field effect are prominent in 3D playback; The picture brightness is high, the color is bright, it is more shocking than the 2D effect, and it is more humanized than the 3D theater.

The lenticular lens technology can realize 3D playback, 3D video, 3D pictures, etc. can be displayed at will; and support 2D/3D switching, which can play 3D/2D mode content according to actual needs; at the same time, it is compatible All the application functions of the traditional LCD advertising machine. Therefore, the application of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine is wider than that of the liquid crystal advertising machine. For example, the 3D hotel promotional film is broadcasted in a targeted manner to promote the hotel brand to the guests staying, enhance the hotel image, and better establish the corporate culture; cooperate with the merchants to publish the 3D advertising information of the merchants, and achieve a win-win situation between the hotel and the merchant; To provide customers with a variety of information that is quick and convenient, and to serve customers in a humane manner.