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Which LED light box advertising is good
- 2019-07-19-
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Light box sub-thin light box, plastic light box, rolling light box, crystal light box, pull light box, electronic light box, EL light box, LED light box, acrylic light box, aluminum light box, glass steel light box, stainless steel light box Wait. It is applied to roads, streets, and theaters, indoors, exhibitions (sales), commercial downtown, stations, airports, terminals, parks and other public places.

First, the characteristics of the LED light box

1, the screen is large

A large number of print advertising media are for indoor or small-scale communication, the format is small. The outdoor light box advertisement displays the advertisement content through the door, the bulletin (propaganda) column, and the pole light box painting. It is larger than other graphic ad illustrations and has a large font size, which is very eye-catching.

2, farsightedness

The function of outdoor light box advertising is to convey to outdoor people and distant people through natural light (daytime) and auxiliary light (night). information. The far-sighted effect of the advertising works is strong, which is very conducive to the fast-paced, high-efficiency of modern society, and people who come and go in a hurry to pay attention to it from a distance.

3, wide content

Lightbox advertising in public transportation, transportation, security, welfare, savings, insurance, taxation, etc.; in commercial products, enterprises, tourism, Services, etc.; can play a wide-ranging role in culture, education, and art in culture and education.

4, both sex

There are many forms of display, with both text and color functions, from product trademarks, product names, physical photos, colors, corporate intentions to culture, economy, Customs, beliefs, and ideas are all-encompassing. Through the conception and unique creativity, we firmly grasp the “ring” that induces consumers to purchase, and achieve the purpose of advertising through the heterogeneity of visual communication.

5, fixedness

Outdoor light box advertisements have their requirements in a certain range and position regardless of the form. As a semi-yong jiu display device, its basic structure is more complicated than other advertising forms. Including frames, facing materials, patterned printing layers, windproof, rain and snow construction, and night lighting as lighting, making the cost of copying a single piece higher than other types of advertising.

Second, LED light box composition

1, frame

The main components of large light box are steel and plastic structure, and the base and frame are welded by steel or stainless steel structure. The pattern cover is made of glass plate, plexiglass plate, light box cloth, and the like. The main components of the small door, rod and hanging light box are steel or injection frame, and the pattern cover is mostly made of glass, plexiglass or transparent plastic plate.

2. Carrier

The printed carrier of the light box can be made of synthetic paper, inkjet film, self-adhesive backing film, light box canvas, etc. according to its structure and manufacturing process.

3, Facilities

The auxiliary light of the light box (commonly known as lighting) is designed according to the structure of the pattern, the printing material, the thickness of the printing ink layer, and the pattern surface. In the past, ordinary fluorescent lamps were used. With the application of new lamps, the auxiliary light of the light box has also evolved from a single lighting to a multi-type lighting method. The resulting picture quality, uniformity, and softness have been greatly improved.

Third, LED light box design features

1. Uniqueness

Lightbox advertising is targeted at pedestrians in the dynamic, pedestrians accept through visual advertising image Commodity information, so the design must take into account the three factors of distance, perspective, and environment. In the empty main square and the sidewalk of the road, it is convenient for the audience to see objects 5 meters above the head at a distance of 10 meters. Therefore, the first step of the design is to determine the location and size of the advertisement based on the distance, perspective, and environment. Common outdoor light box advertisements are generally rectangular and square. We design according to the specific environment, so that the outdoor advertising shape and background are coordinated to produce a visual aesthetic. The shape does not have to be unified, it can be diversified, and the size should be determined according to the size of the actual space and the environment.

2. Suggestiveness

Since the audience is a mobile pedestrian, it is necessary to consider the location and time of the audience through the advertisement. The cumbersome picture, pedestrians are unwilling to accept, only the strange resorts in the form of simple pictures and revealing forms attract the attention of pedestrians, in order to attract audiences to watch the ads. Therefore, the design of the light box advertisement should pay attention to the suggestiveness, the pictures and the texts, the image-oriented, the text as the auxiliary, the use of the text should be simple and clear and avoid lengthy.

3. Simplicity

Simplicity is an important principle in the design of lightbox advertisements. The whole picture and even the whole facility should be as simple as possible. The design should be original and always adhere to less. The principle of precision goes on to think hard and tries to leave enough room for imagination for the audience. It is important to know that the consumer's attention to advertising is inversely proportional to the amount of information on the screen. The more complicated the picture is, the more confusing the audience is; the simpler the picture, the higher the consumer's attention value. This is the effective role of simplicity.

4. Programmatic

Successful Lightbox ads must have the same rigorous plans as other ads. When designing creative ideas, designers must first conduct market research, analysis, and forecasting activities, and then develop graphics, language, colors, objects, publicity levels, and marketing strategies. Once an advertisement is released into the society, it will not only play a leading role in the economy, but also act on the field of consciousness and play a subtle role in real life. Therefore, the designer must be responsible for his own work, so that the work plays a positive and aesthetic role.

5. Reasonable graphics and copywriting design Outdoor advertising design should follow the aesthetic principles of graphic design.

Graphics are the most attractive to people, so graphic design is especially important in outdoor advertising design. Graphics can be divided into two forms: advertising graphics and product graphics. Advertising graphics refer to the graphics related to the theme of the advertisement (character, animal, plant, appliance, environment, etc.), and the product graphics refer to the merchandise graphics to be promoted and introduced, in order to reproduce the appearance of the merchandise and make the audience see clearly. Its shape and intrinsic features. Therefore, we must strive for simplicity and eye-catching in graphic design. Graphics should generally be placed in the center of the vision, which effectively captures the viewer's line of sight and guides them to further read the advertising copy and stimulate resonance. In addition to graphic design, it must be accompanied by a vivid copywriting design, in order to reflect the authenticity, communication, persuasion and agitation of outdoor advertising. The status of advertising copy in outdoor advertising is very significant, and a good copy can play a finishing touch. Its design is completely different from the advertising copy design of newspapers, magazines and other media, because people can't have more time to read in the flowing state, so the outdoor advertising copy strives to be simple and powerful, generally in a sentence (themes) Remind the audience, and attach a short and powerful sentence to the text. The topic design should generally not exceed ten words, and the seven or eight characters are better, otherwise the reading effect will be relatively lower. The general copy is divided into titles, texts, slogans, and essays. It is necessary to try to be concise, to be ten, to cherish words such as gold, to rethink, to read, to remember, to be humorous, and to have appeal, so that outdoor advertising can be appealing and vital.

Fourth, LED light box scope

1, wedding photography, home decoration painting;

2, indoor and outdoor signs;

3, large-scale exhibition projects or event exhibitions;

4, shopping malls, banks, hotels, hotels and other wall decoration publicity;

5, airports, subways, stations, bus stations, etc. Advertising media;

6. Craft gifts;

7. Mobile billboards.