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Naked eye 3D advertising machine helps education industry
- 2019-07-17-
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In the context of the increasing demand for modern design information technology, the naked-eye 3D advertising machine entered the education industry as a new media, breaking through the old teaching methods.

Virtual Teaching Demonstration

In today's increasingly technologically advanced world, teaching has not only stayed in the original books, pictures, PPTs, and videos. Especially in the fields of biological science, aerospace science and industrial design, which require detailed analysis of the internal structure of objects, the plane teaching mode obviously can not meet the teaching requirements. Therefore, the demand for virtual teaching demonstration using 3D technology is especially urgent.

The naked eye 3D (OPEN-3D) advertising machine is a good solution to this need. The naked eye 3D (OPEN-3D) Zui is characterized by the fact that it is not necessary to wear 3D glasses, and the 3D picture can be viewed by the naked eye. This not only saves the school a large amount of money for purchasing 3D glasses, but also facilitates the students who wear myopia glasses to watch 3D. Teaching demonstrations reduce the visual burden.

At present, most of the naked-eye 3D (OPEN-3D) advertising machines on the market use columnar grating technology, which further enhances the brightness, resolution and contrast, and can make 3D images more stereoscopic. The display of the ground, the internal structure of the 3D virtual model is also more clear, helping students to understand the various parts of things faster, greatly improving the quality of science and technology teaching.

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