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Hyun screen holographic advertising machine is actually the "new darling" of the advertising industry
- 2019-07-15-
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The following is a sneak holographic advertising machine that is actually the "new darling" of the advertising industry. With the development of the advertising industry, the traditional offline advertising display method can no longer satisfy the advertisers. Demand, so 3D holographic stereoscopic transparent advertising machine (holographic fan) came into being.

3D holographic advertising machine imaging is an imaging system that suspends three-dimensional images in mid-air.

It consists of a cabinet, a beam splitter, and a video playback device. Based on the principle of spectroscopic imaging, the special processing of the 3D model is built by real-time shooting of the product, and then the captured product image or product model image is superimposed. In the scene, it constitutes a product display system combining dynamic and static.

Compared to those who know that it is advertising, the new generation of 3D holographic advertising machines show a variety of bright and beautiful naked eye 3D effects occupying people's vision, its shock is not It goes without saying.

With this new type of advertising device, advertisers can achieve holographic stereoscopic display of various targeted items and images.

This product can create a transparent air screen without a frame. It does not require people to wear any polarized glasses. It can watch 3D phantom stereoscopic display without any restraint, giving a visual impact. Has a strong sense of depth.

The development of Internet advertising has been characterized by low accuracy, large amount of information, and low quality of publicity, which has led people to turn their attention to offline advertising. Traditional two-dimensional advertising costs are high, and young people are hardly curious about ordinary things. People are increasingly eager for a cool and convenient way to advertise.

The 3D transparent advertising screen has a sense of technology and futuristic, but it has the characteristics of relatively low energy consumption, easy installation and convenient management. At present, it has attracted great attention in the domestic and overseas markets.

Features of 3D Holographic Advertising Machine

1. High efficiency and low consumption

A new generation of 3D holographic advertising machine with low energy consumption, realistic 3D effect and long life Easy to install, easy to manage, high in use value, and higher than the traditional advertising machine.

2, create a real naked-eye holographic image

No screen five-frame display, 500,000 pixel resolution, 24 frames / second frame rate, higher brightness and clarity, to create true naked-eye holography image.

3, cloud management is more efficient

relying on cloud computing technology, to provide customers with APP, WeChat applet and other forms of management. It can be wirelessly controlled by remote cluster, intelligently managed, and the display content can be changed at any time.

4, the display is more colorful

512 high-quality full-color LED lamp beads, the picture display is more delicate and more brilliant

5, rich experience of large projects, provide a complete set Project solution;

6. Perfect after-sales service system, professional and dedicated service concept.

Application of 3D Holographic Advertising Machine

The 3D holographic advertising machine is small in size, light in weight, extremely low in environmental requirements, easy to install, and can be used in a variety of occasions.

1. Events, Pavilions

Various public event pavilions are important scenes. 3D holographic advertising machines can be customized, as a high-tech effect display, the magic and mystery of perceived technology .

2, shop outlets

The personalized store image can attract consumers to stop, create scene marketing and increase customer traffic.

The unique floating display makes the store cool and extremely attractive, which is very attractive to consumers.

3, sales department

With its "invisible" cool, no matter from which angle is the characteristics of three-dimensional image display, attracting many people to stop and watch, making people more Comprehensively receive advertising information.

4, is widely used in shopping malls, theaters, gyms, chain stores and other places.