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3D naked eye advertising machine in the hotel industry
- 2019-07-12-
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With the rapid development of China's hotel industry, the process of global economic integration has made the hotel's customers more diversified, which also makes the hotel face an increasingly fierce competitive environment and rising customer expectations. Forced operators to constantly seek new ways to expand sales opportunities, improve service quality, reduce management costs and improve customer satisfaction to enhance the hotel's core competitiveness. In this environment, the naked-eye advertising machine will continue to evolve into an important tool for the hotel industry to improve management and gain new competitive advantages.

According to the survey of the hotel industry, in order to create a very high level of customer service and improve the customer-oriented service environment, the advertising machines installed in most hotels are generally ordinary vertical screens. Full-screen and split-screen playback mode, on the one hand, can be used to play the hotel's welcome words, daily news, weather forecasts, and daily traffic and other daily information to provide customers with personalized services; on the other hand, it can also provide customers with dynamic Hotel services, room information, map display, delicious dishes and other special services, make customers feel at home.

However, in the survey of consumers, it was found that the advertising device used in the hotel industry is more common in product shape and playback mode, which leads consumers to put on such advertising equipment. It creates a kind of aversion, and naturally it will actively ignore the promotional information broadcast by the advertising machine. As a result, the advertising machine in the hotel lost its own promotional value.

So, how can the Chinese hotel industry use the advertising machine to develop a new era in the digital service industry? With the promotion of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine in the advertising market, the application in the hotel industry has also become popular. The use of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine in the hotel, in addition to the instant broadcast of the hotel's image advertising, room environment introduction, conference room live broadcast, restaurant signature dishes, hotel promotions and other content, to provide customers with more personalized service, effective Enhance the communication between the hotel and the guests, improve their work efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. In addition, the naked eye 3D advertising machine can see the highlights of 3D images without wearing 3D glasses, and can also attract customers' attention and improve. The customer’s interest in the hotel’s information and promotional content further enhances the overall image and competitiveness of the hotel. Use the “Digital Communication Window” to introduce customers to the hotel's various consumer entertainment and service guides, to promote the consumer's desire to consume, and to increase the hotel sales revenue more effectively.

The following is a summary of the application of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine in the hotel:

1. Improve customer satisfaction and enhance hotel services by publishing various forms of information. And brand.

2. Business promotion: The hotel can release the hotel's service projects in the lobby waiting area, and utilize the advantages of mobile guest resources to effectively promote various businesses.

3. Information Release: Publish real-time information on surrounding entertainment and tourist attractions, display and forecast weather information and world clock, and provide customers with fast and convenient information.

4, brand promotion: targeted advertising of the hotel's guests, to improve the effectiveness of the promotion. 5, advertising operations: cooperation with merchants to publish information, publish information of merchants, release shopping and tourism attractions, etc., to achieve a win-win situation for hotels and businesses.

6. The naked-eye 3D advertising machine at the entrance of the hotel conference room can be connected with the reservation system of the conference, and the status of the conference site in the conference room can be released in time to conduct live broadcast of the conference.