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How much do you know about advertising LED light boxes?
- 2019-07-11-
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With the development of the city and the increasing demand for business, the coverage of LED light box advertisements has become increasingly widespread. Whether in the business district, bus stops or various real estates, the figure of light box advertisements can be seen everywhere.

LED light box advertising is also called "light box poster" or "night light poster". The light box has a richer picture detail, stronger picture expression, and more powerful visual impact, which has become one of the preferred mid-size advertisements.

So what are the forms of advertising light boxes?

Blister Light Box

The blister light box uses three-dimensional luminous word processing technology. Due to the stable quality of acrylic, its products have the characteristics of good light transmission, clear far-sight effect, high compressive strength, no fading for more than ten years, bright light and other light boxes and metal characters. The business and strength of the business is preferred.

Blister light boxes are widely used in various store facades, bank outlets, chain stores, large shopping malls, supermarkets, road poles in city streets, used as signs, signs, publicity displays.

Slim Light Boxes

Ultra-thin light boxes, common with film and cloth light boxes.

This form of light box can often be seen in the mobile phone store.

This is a borderless canvas light box that is increasingly sought after by the majority of merchants. The frame is out of bounds and the picture performance is even higher.

In addition to these two relatively popular versatile light boxes, there are quite a few other forms of light boxes.

According to the material classification, it can be divided into: ultra-thin light box, plastic light box, rolling light box, light pole light box, crystal light box, photoelectric light box, cloth light box, plastic light box, molding light box, paint light box, electronic light box , EL light box, LED light box, acrylic light box, aluminum light box, aluminum light box, glass steel light box, stainless steel light box, light guide light box, and so on.

According to the shape can be divided into: square light box, round light box, 3D light box, three-dimensional light box, double-sided light box, floor light box, flip light box, column light box, three-sided turn light box, suction cup light box, change light box , scrolling light boxes, changing light boxes, color changing light boxes, rotating light boxes, etc.

According to the use, it can be divided into: street light box, bank light box, eye chart light box, color light box, advertising light box, sign light box and so on.

Classification of new light boxes: mirror light box, induction light box, magic light box, shadow light box, magic light box, solar light box, magnetic suspension light box, EEFL light box, etc.

What are the characteristics of outdoor light box advertising that is different from other types of advertising?


There are many forms of presentation, with both text and color functions, from product trademarks, product names, physical photos, colors, corporate intentions to culture, economy, customs, Beliefs and ideas are all-encompassing. Through the conception and unique creativity, we grasp the heterogeneity of visual communication to induce the consumer's desire to purchase to achieve the purpose of advertising.


The function of outdoor lightbox advertising is to convey information to people outside and to people in the distance through natural light (daytime) and auxiliary light (nighttime). The far-sighted effect of the advertising works is strong, which is very conducive to the fast-paced, high-efficiency of modern society, and people who come and go in a hurry to pay attention to it from a distance.

Wide content

In public transportation, transportation, security, welfare, savings, insurance, taxation, etc.; in commercial products, enterprises, tourism, services, etc.; In the culture, education, art and other aspects of culture and education, they can play a wide range of roles.

How should the lightbox be designed to achieve both publicity and aesthetics?

1. Graphic design should be novel

Graphics is an important part of lightbox advertising. Since most light boxes are set outdoors, they need the same instant as other outdoor advertisements. It attracts people's strong attention, and to achieve this effect, the graphics must be expressive and realistic, which is conducive to deepening people's understanding, understanding and memory of the picture.

2, the text should be simple and easy to understand

A good slogan can not only impress people, but also make people remember for a long time, the light box is different from other advertisements, it It is based on words, and good graphics must have good text matching, so that they can complement each other and highlight the advertising effect. Therefore, the light box text should be simple and easy to understand. In the text design, the artist should also continuously improve the text design effect.

3, the color of the light box should be bright

The light box is too gray to be easily overlooked, so the color of the light box screen must be bright, to give people a certain visual stimulation , has a certain visual impact. However, it should be noted that the color of the light box should not be too complicated, too much color will cause visual fatigue of passers-by.

4, the shape of the light box should be beautiful

The square light box seems to lack vitality, so when designing the plane, pay attention to the beauty of the geometric shape, so that not only can you Lightbox advertising achieves the desired results, and at the same time has a very high appreciation value, becoming a beautiful landscape of the city.