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The holographic advertising machine under 5G has become the new benchmark in the industry
- 2019-07-09-
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5G seems to be getting closer and closer to us, and 5G is full of new experiences for consumers. In the advertising industry, this is undoubtedly the next frontier. It will bring faster bandwidth speeds and near-zero information latency, providing a more immersive, higher-resolution experience that will help brands better connect with consumers. 5G is able to target more accurately and achieve true close-range advertising, opening the door to high-performance local and close-range marketing. With the arrival of 5G, advertising will become more effective, and the pursuit of advertising will be more effective. Traditional flat-screen advertising has undoubtedly failed to meet the new demands brought by 5G, and the new holographic advertising machine is also bearing the 5G limelight, becoming the mainstream carrier of Zui's effective new advertising display.

How to make a holographic advertising machine in the 5G era

In general, the requirements for advertising in the 5G era will become "quick" “狠”, quickly giving consumers a sense of experience, precise marketing guidance and bringing high efficiency to investors. The emerging holographic advertising machine, the reason why it can replace the traditional flat screen with the 5G limelight, is that the holographic advertising machine has achieved the "quick quasi-" of the advertising in the 5G era, and built a bridge of demand for the three parties.

At the CES show in Shanghai in 2019, through the display of products by holographic enterprises, we can clearly feel that the holographic advertising machine has already had a very high "quick quasi" effect. As a rare integrated R&D and production holographic enterprise in the industry, the Coyes holographic advertising machine has achieved “quick quasi-compliance” through its three rare technologies. In the fast experience, the Coyes holographic advertising machine is equipped with imported core chips, which has a highly realistic reduction technology in imaging, and achieves a naked-eye 3D holographic experience, which can directly and effectively give consumers a consumer experience. In terms of accuracy, Coyce has developed an independent cloud platform and dual-system direct connection software for its holographic advertising machine, which can not only realize data analysis and processing, but also realize real-time control on a global scale, giving different regions. The crowd of fine zhun content shows diversion marketing. In terms of investment benefits, Coyes is currently the only R&D and production integrated enterprise with 23 years of production management experience in the industry. The product technology has deep integration. China is the only country with production capacity in Asia. The rate has reached more than 90%, so the market space for investors is very broad.

New industry benchmarking carrier to make advertising more profitable

The advertising standards of “quickly accurate” in the 5G era have made the drawbacks of traditional flat screen display low efficiency appear. The advantages of the holographic advertising machine have been brought into play. In the trend of replacing the traditional flat screen with the holographic advertising machine, with the arrival of 5G, the pace will also be accelerated. The new holographic advertising machine will accelerate the replacement of traditional flat screens after it has the characteristics of “quick speed”, and become a new industry benchmark carrier, making advertising more profitable.

By giving consumers a fast holographic experience, the marketing diversion of the merchants, the vast market space of investors, and the holographic advertising machine make advertising more profitable. Undoubtedly, this kind of holographic advertising machine that can meet the development needs of the 5G advertising market will become the benchmark of the new advertising industry in the future. The market for Asia will also reach coverage, with high investment efficiency and new height. Low-risk investment projects.