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Teach you how to apply the naked eye 3D advertising machine
- 2019-07-05-

The naked-eye 3D technology has been widely applied to the advertising media industry, and with the development of naked-eye 3D technology, naked-eye 3D products have emerged as the times require. The naked-eye 3D advertising machine is the most popular product of some advertisers.

Conde's new naked-eye 3D advertising machine is able to clearly and completely present the advantages of the product, and the effect is three-dimensional and realistic, and it is very attractive, so it has been widely praised by users. So, how to properly apply the naked-eye 3D advertising machine to show the goods perfectly?

First of all, the scale of the advertising machine should be determined according to the location of the application. Since it is necessary to think about the size of the investment site, it is assumed that the naked-eye 3D advertising machine is installed outside the elevator door of the building, is it suitable for 65 inches? According to the normal situation, this is obviously not very suitable. Because the aisle outside the elevator door itself is not very wide, if you use a large naked-eye 3D advertising machine, one takes up too much space and looks unsightly. Second, there is a naked-eye 3D advertising machine of each scale. 3D effect Zui good viewing interval, the larger the scale of the naked eye 3D advertising machine to watch the best interval is also relatively far.

Therefore, short-term viewing of large-scale naked-eye 3D advertising machines, in addition to the role of advertising 3D images is not obvious, in the limited space to invest too much money, it is not appropriate. If you are advertising into a building elevator, hotel aisle and other places, it is more appropriate to select a 21-inch naked-eye 3D advertising machine, and the 3D image of the advertisement can also be used.

In the airport, subway station, science and technology museum and large-scale exhibitions, it is suitable to install a large-screen naked-eye 3D advertising machine. In a wide space, the large screen can make the 3D effect of advertising more stereoscopic. The visual impact is great, and the image that can be left to the customer is also deeper and deeper, ensuring that Zui has a good propaganda role. In addition, in the bulk investment of advertising equipment, it is necessary to carry out inductive evaluation of the investment location and the cost of the investment equipment, such as the flow of people in the investment place, the environment is not conducive to the protection of the investment equipment, the source of 3D advertising. Other factors such as quality need to be considered, so that the investment of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine can be completed.