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Where is the popularity of 3D holographic advertising machine?
- 2019-07-03-
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It is well known that with the rapid development of China's technological level, the naked eye 3Dholographic advertising machine is very popular in the market, it It is a brand-new display product. It is an air phantom media display device that uses LED light bar to rotate display and use the principle of human eye to form graphics, animation and video. Because the product has no border and background, the user feels that the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is also called holographic display, fan screen.

Holographic projection technology is mainly used in the exhibition industry, which can bring people a new visual experience, attract more viewers, achieve better publicity and exhibition purposes, and is very popular among businesses and audiences.

What is the reason for the popularity of 3D holographic advertising machines?

A. The stereoscopic effect is strong, the product can be stereoscopically displayed in all directions, the visual effect is shocking and the experience is strong, the eye-catching effect is good, and the advertising effect is good.

B. Wide application range and high sustainable development.

C, the product is highly targeted and the rendering effect is good.

D. The equipment technology is novel and the cost is lower than that of traditional external display equipment.

E, display principle is special, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.

F, high brightness (1200Mcd) to meet the day and night advertising effects, providing benefits.

G, high resolution and high refresh rate for improved long-distance viewing.