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Love you with a small pitch is not as easy as a naked eye advertising machine
- 2019-07-01-

Small distance love you is not as easy as a naked eye advertising machine, 3D is a three-dimensional abbreviation, is a three-dimensional graphics. It mainly uses parallax barrier and lenticular lens technology to display 3D graphics in a computer, that is, to display three-dimensional graphics in a plane. Unlike the real world, the real three-dimensional space has real distance space. The computer just looks a lot like the real world, so the 3D graphics displayed on the computer are just as real as they are. One characteristic of the human eye is that it is close to big and small, and it will form a three-dimensional feeling. The naked eye 3D can have a stereo effect without the need for 3D glasses.

Now naked-eye 3D game console, naked-eye 3D advertising machine, naked-eye 3D light box, naked-eye 3D notebook, naked-eye 3D TV, MP5, mobile devices and other products have already appeared. Last year, Shenzhen Super Multi-Dimensional Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. (Super Multi-Dimension SuperD) also announced the formal cooperation with Fuzhikang Group Co., Ltd. (Fuzhikang), Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Tianma) and DreamWorks to create the world's first naked-eye 3D ecosystem. The horn of “co-invitation, co-creation, and win-win” is spurred, and more partners are encouraged to join, and the naked-eye 3D will be fully marketized. This time, "China Creation" will enable people to enjoy 3D images anytime, anywhere, and open a new naked-eye 3D era. In the field of small-pitch LEDs, what does it mean to pursue 3D effects?

When interviewed by Wang Ruiguang, general manager of Xida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the reporter learned that after the small-pitch LED came out, he is now pursuing 3D display, especially the naked-eye 3D display. Many manufacturers are doing this, but there are also several bottlenecks here. First, they are limited by the environment when they are used, that is, where they can be used. Especially for the naked eye, they are all multi-viewpoints. Whether it is an electronic shutter or a bias, it is limited by glasses. There is no problem in the theater, but there is no way to do it at the road or at the airport or the high-speed rail station. He thinks this may be a constraint. Another constraint is the constraint of multi-viewpoint. The so-called multi-viewpoint is when shooting a film. It has to be shot with multiple cameras. Now there is no mature software, and it can be produced without shooting. Some people may be doing it now, but It’s not too mature yet, but it’s still possible to take a few seconds of commercials. If you want to make a feature film, so far, you haven’t heard of anyone who can come up with a feature film with dozens of viewpoints. We are now The 3D movies that I have seen, including the 3D broadcast by CCTV, are basically based on two viewpoints. It is difficult to achieve naked eyes based on the two viewpoints. So this is a bottleneck of this technology, but everyone is trying to do it forward, but in terms of efficiency, it has not been seen by this profit.

It can be seen that it is not easy for small-pitch LEDs to pursue 3D display. Although the naked-eye 3D game console, naked-eye 3D advertising machine, naked-eye 3D light box, naked-eye 3D notebook, naked-eye 3D TV, MP5, mobile devices, etc. have been introduced, but in the field of small-pitch LED, this is still a problem. Environmental constraints, multi-view constraints are still two obstacles that hinder small-pitch LEDs from pursuing 3D display effects. Only in these aspects of good R & D and innovation, small-pitch LEDs can smash the naked eye 3D, so that it can open a new direction and let the industry achieve transformational development.