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The new light box manufacturer will show you the types of light boxes
- 2019-06-28-
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What are the new light box manufacturers that tell you about the types of light boxes? Lightbox advertising is also known as "lightbox poster" or "nightlight poster." Lightbox advertisements for outdoor use are distributed on roads and streets, as well as in public places such as movie theaters, exhibitions (sales), commercial downtown areas, stations, airports, terminals, and parks. Foreign countries call it "half yong long" street art. The new flexible light box has changed the traditional light box during the day, and there is no lack of image and text glyphs, with its realistic image. It displays rich glyphs, showing the unique decorative effect in day and night with bright colors and strong texture. The production technology, materials and technology of the flexible light box can not only make the giant light box covering the whole wall surface and dissolve into the whole building, but also can be made into a physical model, and it is not discolored, easy to transport, easy to install, and not easy to wear and wear for several years. Flame retardant. Widely used in banks, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, gas stations, etc., has become a new form of store facade decoration.

Subway Advertising Lightbox

When you take the subway every day, you will find a variety of light boxes in the subway station and subway. In these outdoor light boxes, there are many subway stations. They are all rolling advertising light boxes made of metal. There are some LED advertising light boxes or dynamic light boxes on the subway!

Airport Advertising Lightbox

Set up billboards around the airport and inside the airport. Ordinary target audiences with higher incomes, such as business and travel abroad. The form of advertising set in the railway station has been the main target for passengers from all over the world. It is characterized by high traffic and covering nearby areas. Its advertising forms include light boxes, electronic screens, spotlight billboards, three-sided flips and so on.

Railway Station Advertising Lightbox

There will be a lot of guiding light boxes in the train station, referring to the street light boxes, and there will be fewer light boxes on the train!

Large outdoor advertising light boxes

Placed in advertising positions such as exterior walls, roofs or podiums, white billboards are colored billboards, and lights are turned on at night. " Lightbox ad. Lightbox advertising has better lighting effects, but repairs are more difficult than spotlight billboards, and the lamps used are more easily worn out.

Hou Che Ting Advertising Light Box

Outdoor media set in the bus shelter. The light box is the main expression. The advertisements arranged in such media are mainly consumer goods. Multiple station kiosk locations can be purchased individually or online to reach a wide coverage rate to cover multiple cities.

There are a lot of advertising light boxes, but there are certain limitations in outdoor advertising light boxes. Outdoor lightbox advertising is different from other types of advertising. Numerous print advertising media are available for indoor or small-scale communication, and the format is small; while outdoor light box advertisements display advertisement content through the door, bulletin board, and pole light box painting. It is larger than other graphic ad illustrations and has a large font size, which is very attractive. The function of the outdoor light box advertisement is to convey information to the outdoor people and the distant people through natural light (white enamel) and auxiliary light (night). The far-sighted effect of advertising works is fierce, and the fast-paced, high-efficiency, and rushing people in the modern society deliberately pay attention to them at a distance.

In the public transportation, transportation, security, welfare, savings, insurance, taxation, etc.; in the commercial products, enterprises, tourism, service, etc.; culture, education, education, Art and other aspects can play a universal role. There are many ways to display, with both text and color, from product trademarks, product names, physical photos, colors, corporate intentions to culture, economy, customs, beliefs, and standards. After conceiving and co-creating, we will firmly grasp the “ring” that induces consumers to purchase, and use the heterogeneity of visual communication to reach the purpose of advertising.

Outdoor lightbox ads have a fixed range of requests, regardless of the method. Due to the installation as Feng Yongshi, its fundamental structure is more complicated than other advertising methods. Including frames, cladding materials, patterned print layers, windproof, rain and snow structures, and lighting equipment for night lighting, making it more expensive to copy in a single piece than other ads.