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Use LED light box for advertising must read
- 2019-06-24-
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It is well known that advertising light boxes can bring people a strong visual impact and improve the utilization of advertising unit area. Just like changing light boxes and rolling light boxes, their advertising effects are very good. The advertising light box combines the advantages of neon lights. It can be flashed uninterrupted during the day and night, and the combination of motion and static attracts people's attention. Various texts and patterns are sequenced and jumped, alternately reflected, and strong visual impact, satisfying the viewer's visual experience, and promoting advertisers to obtain maximum economic benefits. So how do we use LED light boxes for advertising?

Using high-quality LED light source, the light box is reliable and durable for a long time, long life and low maintenance cost;

Wide transmission distance, high transmission frequency, strong vision, environmental protection and durability, and wide application;

Sustainable use and free replacement of screens;

LED light boxes with ultra-thin design and space saving;

Low-voltage DC power supply, energy saving, safety, aluminum alloy Outer frame, safe and environmentally friendly;

Diversified design, flexible and flashing way, more advertising effect.

Widely used in shopping malls, hairdressing, beauty chain stores, railway stations, highway toll stations, parking lots, hotels, entertainment venues, bank photo studios, etc.

There are many types of advertising light boxes, and the light box making materials are also very rich.

According to the material, it is divided into: cloth light box, acrylic light box, LED light box, light guide plate ultra-thin light box, liquid crystal light box, ultra-thin light box, suction cup light box, luxury light box and so on.

According to the function: double-sided light box, pillar light box, rolling light box, garage light box, door light box, outdoor light box, indoor light box, shaped creative light box, subway light box, dining light box, airport light box, guiding light box Wait.