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Naked eye 3D holographic advertising machine for advertising
- 2019-06-21-
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Why do you use the naked eye 3Dholographic advertising machine to advertise, from the cave paintings of the primitive society to the current photography, human Always like to really portray what you see. However, the world is three-dimensional and three-dimensional. How can the 2D plane fully depict the beauty of the world? Therefore, 3D will be born. Today, with the continuous advancement of technology, 3D space without any equipment is no longer a fantasy, a new technological breakthrough, bringing more, better and more realistic experiences to life.

What is a naked-eye 3D holographic advertising device?

The naked-eye 3D holographic advertising machine is a kind of micro-machine device, which can display the content of the advertising product in a three-dimensional dynamic manner, or design the expression of the advertising content independently, thereby enhancing the diversity of the product and allowing the advertising effect. better.

The function of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine:

1. Long life: continuous operation for more than 30,000 hours or more

2. Lightest: the world The lightest mobile large-size display device currently in commercial use

3. Low power consumption: minimum 18W power, 20,000 mAh charging power is 8-10 hours of sustainable power supply

4. Free movement: Light weight can be moved freely, eliminating power wiring troubles, can be displayed anywhere.

5.WIFI direct connection: wireless WiFi link, combined with cloud platform for large-scale concurrent control content <>

6. High degree of adaptability: With wireless network module, support various video picture formats, can be used for outdoor display

Application area:

Advertising media, city Lighting, shop renovation, shopping malls, bar tide shops, exhibitions, exhibitions, weddings, entertainment parties, tourism education, high-speed rail stations/train stations, airports, residential/community subway airports, road planning, government projects, group procurement, etc. p>

The current status of the traditional offline advertising industry: continuous innovation and integration in digital media Under the background of sexual marketing, the form of media display is constantly innovating, and the user's eyeball economy is more difficult to obtain. The space for traditional advertising media to attract and grow is getting smaller and smaller. The cost is rapidly increasing, the competitive pressure is strong, the development is difficult, and the advantageous position is bound by the exclusive clause. Traditional labor costs, material costs, maintenance costs, business development costs, and operating costs in the same period have increased dramatically. The profit is rapidly declining, the traditional advertising form has no new ideas, and the advertising carrier is homogenized and competitive. User satisfaction, arrival rate, and attention continue to decline. Under the premise that customers need to create innovation, the brand's ability to price and price declines, and the profit decline competitiveness is insufficient.

Advantages of 3D for advertising:

1. Support holographic images and video, suspend half-empty holographic effects, attract customers' eyes

2. Vivid holographic products Display, dynamic display of product details

3. Application scene diversified novel advertising visual effects, to solve the most painful attention and arrival rate of current advertising

4. It is easy to identify, very suitable Commercial information prompt application

5. Equipment standardization production application is mature, application is not convenient

6. Compared with traditional holographic display system, it has very low price

7. Super bright holographic pattern provides a very flexible use of the scene

8. Suitable for various commercial advertising and promotional applications, increase brand efficiency and enhance sales