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Who is the fan screen 3D holographic advertising machine?
- 2019-06-10-
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Who is the fan screen 3D holographic advertising machine? From the murals of primitive society to the photography of modern society, humans always like to truly depict what they see. However, the world is three-dimensional and three-dimensional. How can the 2D plane completely depict the original appearance of the world? Therefore, 3D turned out, in today's technology advancement, without any equipment to experience 3D space is no longer a fantasy, a new technological breakthrough, bringing more, better, more real experience for life.

What is a fan screen 3D holographic advertising machine?

Fan screen 3D holographic advertising machine (3D naked eye) is an air phantom media display device that combines fan rotation + LED light bar display to form graphics, animation and video by using the principle of human eye retention. Because the product has no border and background, the user feels that the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is called 3D holographic fan screen advertising machine.

Its technical principle?

Fan screen 3D holographic advertising machine is a display device that utilizes the principle of human vision persistence (POV) technology to achieve 3D visual effects by rotating images of ultra-high density LED lamp beads. Low energy consumption, high eye-catching, light and easy to carry and install, cost-effective and other features.

Does the fan screen 3D holographic advertising machine have a functional advantage?

Picture effect: 3D stereo, dynamic and cool, the picture is eye-catching

Long life: 30,000 hours of service life, long-term use

Volume zui Light: Single 1.5KG, the world's current zui light and mobile large-size commercial display device

Low power consumption: energy saving and environmental protection, ultra-low power consumption, the average power consumption per single operation is only 20W, necessary When charging treasure can also supply power

Cluster management: cluster management, unified control, APP (support mobile phone, PAD, PC) can control the switch machine, program upload group, integrated device status detection, fault detection, easy Maintenance

WIFI Direct Connection: Wireless WiFi Link, combined with cloud platform for large-scale concurrent control of content

Scope: High brightness, wide range of applications, indoor and outdoor environments can be installed

The status quo of the traditional advertising industry

Under the background of the continuous development of digital media and integrated marketing, the user's eyeball economy is more difficult to obtain, and the traditional advertising industry is growing smaller and smaller. Traditional advertising forms are not new, and advertising carriers are homogenized, User satisfaction, arrival rate, and eye-catching rate continued to decline. In the early stage of customers' need for innovation, the brand's ability to price and price decreased, and the profit decline competitiveness was insufficient.

Advantages of the 3D holographic fan screen advertising machine for the advertising industry

▲IoT platform, cluster management, unified control, APP can control the switch machine, the program uploads the group, the maintenance is convenient

▲Support holographic images and videos, suspend half-empty holographic effects, vivid holographic merchandise display, dynamic display of product details, attract customers' eyes

▲Diversified application scenarios, novel advertising vision The effect is to solve the current pain of Zui, the eye-catching rate: the focus is different, the 3D stereoscopic picture is 7 times of the 2D picture; the rate of return: the scene is shocking and word-of-mouth, which is 5 times of the 2D picture

▲Standardized production of equipment, mature application, and very low price advantage compared with traditional display equipment

Suitable for various commercial advertising and promotion applications, increasing brand efficiency and enhancing market competitiveness

What areas does it apply to?

Advertising media, chain supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, beauty shops, hotels, coffee shops, real estate; stations, airports, large shopping malls, science and technology museums, exhibitions, parks, shops, bars, cinemas , subway import and export, roadside advertising.

The company's 3D naked-eye holographic fan screen is suitable for traditional advertising applications such as large shopping malls, specialty stores, bars, theaters, elevators, etc., to help merchants reach attractive traffic, spread and share advertising content. the goal of. It is also suitable for individual items with detailed details or rich internal structure, such as watches, porcelain, famous cars, diamonds, jewelry, industrial products, etc. Can also express characters, cartoons, etc., to give the audience a more three-dimensional, clear, layered and unique expressive.