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The roadside LED light box plaque is in progress
- 2019-06-07-
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The roadside LED light box plaque is in progress, just on the evening of June 13th, Linhe District City Management Complex The Law Enforcement Bureau dispatched more than 70 law enforcement officers from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams of the Special Service. Under the strong cooperation of 9 policemen from the police station in Linhe District, the focus was on Linhe Shengli Road, Xinhua Street, Jinchuan Avenue, Hetao Street, and Urad Street. Jiefang Street, Wuyuan Street, Yong'an Street, Changchun Street, Limin Street, Guangming Street, Shuguang Street, Qingfeng Street, Education Street, Jinsha Road, Wuyi Street, Woye Street, Mingzhu Road, Shuiyuan Road, Kaiyuan Road, Europe The holiday district, Olin International Community and other street and residential quarters have carried out special rectification actions for various city appearance violations such as road occupying, road management and open-air barbecue. In the evening, a total of 230 LED light box plaques, small electronic display screens (small ear billboards), 230 tables, 40 stools, and 26 illegal electric tricycles were registered.

On summer nights, when people walk leisurely on the streets, there will be a billboard in front of the sidewalk. The elderly will be stumped when they are not careful, and some plaques will also be glaring. The light of the door; I wanted to breathe some fresh air. Unexpectedly, all kinds of open-air barbecues such as hand cakes, stinky tofu, and Dalian sizzling squid accompanied the pungent smell and the smouldering smoke. . In response to the above situation, the Linhe District Urban Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau has continuously increased night enforcement. From the evening of June 13, the focus is on the period of 19:30 to 22:30. The soldiers are divided into three roads, and the main and secondary roads in Linhe City. In the prosperous area, the catering and barbecue store concentrated area, and the residents around the residential area with strong repercussions, the LED light box plaque, the outside store, the open-air barbecue and other "night roadblocks" violations are carried out irregularly.

In this rectification operation, for stores that operate barbecues and cold drinks outside the store, law enforcement officers urged the owners to move all the tables and chairs outside the store to the store to prevent them from operating outside the store. Otherwise, they would violate the regulations. All items will be registered and preserved first; for all kinds of open-air barbecue food stalls operated by random occupation, they will be banned on the spot and their business tools will be registered and preserved first; the LED light box plaques that occupy the sidewalks and blind roads will be found and the small installations will be installed without authorization. The ear billboards are registered and saved immediately after the wires are separated on the spot.