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The naked eye 3D advertising machine is launched into a new trend
- 2019-05-31-
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After nearly two years of market warm-up, the naked-eye 3D advertising machine is no longer a strange advertising medium for consumers. With the increase in the visual communication requirements of advertisers, there is a higher demand for multimedia advertising devices. At present, the ordinary advertising machines on the market can no longer satisfy the expression of the advertisements of the merchants, and the consumers also show the psychology of "boring" and "not impression" for the uninitiated advertising information. So how do you increase consumer attention to advertising?

The answer given by many people must be - "change advertising creativity"! Of course, an advertisement that attracts the attention of the public is a must. However, with the development of visual communication, in recent years, advertising has visually broken through the limitations of the previous "flattening" and gradually developed into "three-dimensional". As a result, the choice of advertising equipment also largely determines the effectiveness of advertising.

According to the survey, the vast majority of consumers have no feelings about the 3D video trailers broadcast in the theater ticket office. Many consumers said that the 3D movie trailers of the theaters are played in 2D. Apart from the "3D" gimmicks, there is almost no difference in visual effects from 2D movies. The person in charge of the theater said that due to the limitations of the current cinema's promotional equipment, the 3D film's promotional film can only be played in the same way as the ordinary movie promo, because it is impossible to highlight the 3D effect of the film. Put 3D glasses for the consumer experience.

This dilemma for cinemas that cannot be promoted in 3D movies can be solved with the naked-eye 3D advertising machine.

The effect experience of naked-eye 3D movies can effectively promote consumers' interest in purchasing 3D movies, which greatly promotes the promotion of 3D movie box office. As consumers' demand for 3D movies before purchases becomes more urgent, the application of naked-eye 3D advertising machines in theaters and other industries will also accelerate.