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Is your advertising method behind the latest 3D holographic advertising machine?
- 2019-05-27-
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The latest 3D holographic advertising machine is your advertising method behind? Holographic phantom imaging is an imaging system that suspends three-dimensional images in mid-air. It consists of a cabinet, a beam splitter, and a video playback device. Based on the principle of spectroscopic imaging, a special treatment of the 3D model is built by real-time shooting of the product, and then the captured product image or product model image is superimposed into the scene to form a dynamic and static combination. Product display system.

No need to wear any polarized glasses, you can enjoy the special effects of 3D phantom stereo display without any restraint, giving a visual impact and a strong sense of depth.

Features of Holographic Advertising Machines

1. Good visuals: The images suspended in the air are sometimes in front of you, giving you the feeling of being within reach.

2, the effect is good: the visual effect is strong, it is easier to attract customers' eyes and achieve unforgettable effects.

3, can achieve differentiated marketing: help to enhance the brand and product grades, to achieve differentiated marketing.

The above is about the "latest 3D holographic advertising machine, is your advertising method behind?" Shenzhen Big Wheat Technology Co., Ltd. started in 2014, is a focus on display product development Manufacturing and sales of technology companies. Since its inception, the company has been committed to providing industry customers with a cool and more convenient display product to meet the needs of the ever-developing visual display products in the Shangxian market.