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Highlighting word manufacturers analyze where the bright epoxy word is better than ordinary letters
- 2019-05-24-

Highlighted words Manufacturers analyze high-gloss epoxy letters than ordinary letters Where is it?

The first point: epoxy resin letters are compared with ordinary resin letters. The advantage is that the surface is higher in mirror surface and the surface resin is filled, so that the middle of the stroke is slightly high and curved. It gives a softer and more delicate beauty, while at the same time full and full of roundness.

The second point: clever use of LED inverted refracting principle, this requires the use of white reflective paint inside the word. It is very different from the principle of light refracting of other illuminating words. The uniformity of light when the surface illuminates is enhanced, and the uniformity of light is greatly exerted by Zui. The color is improved by professional dye manufacturers and can be made very colorful. Red, green, blue, yellow, orange, white, purple, coffee, pink and other colors, can also be color according to the color required by customers, because of the importance of material transparency, we have achieved a very high degree Light transmittance. Fully meet the different needs of customers.

The third point: pay attention to the surface of the resin-emitting word without light spots. The acrylic thickness of the commonly used acrylic letters in the market must be between 10-12 cm. Why? This is because the surface of the font with a thickness of less than 10 cm is very obvious. The thickness of the surface is more than 12 cm, which will reduce the light transmittance. This problem does not occur in the resin-emitting words. The effect of homogenization greatly reduces the appearance of spots and even eliminates the appearance of spots.