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How the naked eye 3D advertising machine achieves the best advertising performance
- 2019-05-17-
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With the development of 3D technology, naked-eye 3D advertising machines are gradually becoming familiar to the public. The naked-eye 3D advertising machine is also called "naked-eye 3D commercial one machine". The difference is that some ordinary advertising machines generally refer to the display, and it is necessary to match the computer host to play the commercial source. The commercial one machine includes the host integration, which is a computer configuration. The commercial source can be played directly without additional auxiliary equipment. It is a feature that has parallax in both eyes, and a realistic stereoscopic image with space and depth can be obtained without any auxiliary equipment (such as 3D glasses, helmets, etc.). Things in the painting can be highlighted outside the picture, or hidden in the picture. Colorful, layered, lively and lifelike, is a true three-dimensional image. The naked eye stereoscopic image is favored by consumers with its vivid and vivid expression, beautiful and elegant environmental appeal, and strong shocking visual impact. Therefore, the merchants will also invest in the intensive crowded places to carry out the naked-eye 3D advertising machine to improve the advertising effect.

Technical support for best results

The naked-eye 3D advertising machine can directly see the naked-eye 3D stereo effect without external devices (such as 3D glasses, helmets, etc.). Therefore, in advertising, it has the following advantages: 1. The 3D advertising attention will be 7 times of the 2D advertising attention; 2. The 3D advertising memory will be 14 times the 2D advertising memory; 3. Delivery The return on investment for 3D advertising will be 3.68 times the return on investment for 2D advertising. Shenzhen Weiwei Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. found in the actual sales process of naked-eye 3D advertising machines that various industries are not satisfied with the advertising mode of ordinary advertising machines, so the demand for new advertising devices like naked-eye 3D advertising machines appears Especially urgent. In this regard, Weiwei Intelligent has done a related naked-eye 3D solution for the application of naked-eye 3D advertising machines in various industries, integrating 3D source production, remote control management, system installation maintenance and project training into media companies and advertising owners. Provide a full range of visual experience services, the visual impact of the naked-eye 3D information release system to the extreme, thus greatly enhancing the target audience's attention to products and brands, and achieving the effect of advertising.

The naked eye 3D advertising machine market is widely used

With the popularization of the naked eye 3D advertising machine, we can see the practical application of the naked eye 3D advertising machine in more and more industries. . For example, in the hotel industry, through the investigation of the hotel industry, it is known that the advertising machines installed in most hotels are generally in the vertical screen, full screen and split screen playback mode, but because of this type of publicity mode, it has led consumers to This kind of advertising device creates a kind of aversion, and naturally it will actively ignore the promotional information broadcast by the advertising machine. As a result, the advertising machine in the hotel lost its own promotional value.

Therefore, the use of the naked-eye 3D advertising machine in the hotel can not only instantly broadcast the hotel’s image advertisement, room environment introduction, conference room live broadcast, restaurant signature dishes, hotel promotions, etc. You can attract more customers' attention through the naked eye 3D advertising machine "you can see 3D pictures without wearing 3D glasses".