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What is the difference between 3D holographic advertising machine and LED display
- 2019-05-06-
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Compared with the previous LED display, the 3D holographic advertising machine is far superior to the traditional LED display in all aspects.

The 3D holographic advertising machine is a brand-new display product. It is an air phantom media display device that uses LED light bar to rotate display and use the principle of human eye to form graphics, animation and video. Because the product has no border and background, the user feels that the image is three-dimensional floating, so it is also called holographic display, fan screen. What is the difference between a 3D holographic advertising machine and an LED display?

First, the installation method:

LED display is heavy, transportation is inconvenient, when the installation is more than a multi-person cooperation, it usually takes a day to barely install 3D holographic advertising machine is different, small size, single 1000-1500 grams, can be lifted with one hand, installation is also very convenient, three screws fixed, one installed in 1 minute, not only that, its installation The method is also very flexible, no structure, can be creatively installed, on the wall, on the ground, in the air, how to install it, how to install it, where to install it.

Second, the screen display effect:

The traditional LED display screens are flat 2D display screens, which are prone to fatigue, the screen size is relatively large, and the 3D holographic advertising machine screen The stereo is cool, the visual effect is shocking and the experience is strong. No matter in any occasion, no need to wear 3D glasses, as long as you see this kind of advertising screen, you can immediately attract people's attention and the advertising effect is very good.

Third, the investment income ratio:

From the perspective of advertisers, the installation cost of an LED display is too high, the single screen playback screen, visitors forget to pass by However, the poor quality of the screen also affects the advertising, and it does not have much publicity effect, and the cost recovery time is long; and the installation cost of installing a 3D holographic advertising machine is lower, the laying point (location) is wider and wider, and more roads are more. The occasion is full of audience-bombing, the effect is cool, and the advertising benefits are very good.

IV. Management and Maintenance:

The management of traditional LED display relies mainly on computers. Maintenance is more troublesome and requires professionals. Maintenance time depends on the fault situation, and the length of time varies. Advertising, and 3D holographic advertising machine is a cluster management method. It can control the switch machine on the APP side (supporting mobile phone, PAD, PC) or even small program end, support program uploading group sending, integrated device status detection, fault detection, etc. Maintenance is very convenient and can be operated by one person, saving time without affecting the advertisement.