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Friends who want to make a glossy letter look at it too much
- 2019-04-26-
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A friend who wants to do highlighted words has read too much. It is well known that LED letters are illuminated. The LED is a luminous font made of light source. LED luminous characters with its beautiful daytime, bright night, energy saving, long-lasting and many other advantages, the market quickly became popular with the trend of the original, the following is a common type of luminous characters in outdoor advertising stereo letters.

Features of the whole body luminous letter

1. The night font is bright and eye-catching (installing a new type of ultra-bright light source, which has a long service life, which makes it shine with the color of the acrylic board. ).

2, the stereoscopic effect is strong (the thicker the siding is placed, the stronger the stereoscopic effect).

3, the color is bright (any acrylic sheet is arbitrarily selected, the siding and panel color can be combined freely).

Features of Acrylic Blister Letters

Acrylic Blister Letters are colorful, colorful, and durable, with good day and night effects. It has a strong visual impact and is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as various store recruits, facades of enterprises and institutions, interior and exterior image walls, and large-scale luminous characters on the roof.

Advantages of LED letters

1. High brightness: especially suitable for high-rise buildings, buildings, and large characters.

2, easy to maintain: than the plastic word, neon word maintenance and its simple.

3, energy saving: more than 80 advertising words with the same brightness.

Advantages of Resin Luminous Words

1. Uniformity: Transmits, refracts, and reflects light with a unique light-transmissive layer to ensure uniform surface illumination;

2, highlight: the brightness of the light surface can reach 500-1500Mcd (depending on the color);

3, ultra-thin: the special light-transmissive layer can reach evenly within a distance of 20mm Light effect;

4, super fine: through the precise circuit design, the minimum width of the font stroke can be up to 6mm;

5, high efficiency: through a reasonable arrangement of lights and font interior Effectively reflecting light to achieve maximum light efficiency utilization;

6. Energy saving: Using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as light-emitting sources, each lamp consumes only 0.1W, and the power per square meter is only 30W, the power consumption is one tenth of the traditional neon light;

7. Safety: DC 12V (DC12V) low voltage operation, does not cause any harm to personal safety;

8, longevity: with light-emitting diode (LED) 10-20 million hours of long life, giving a full range of protection (IP68) - waterproof, dustproof, anti-static, to ensure the best work of LED Habitat maximize lamp life;

9, environmental protection: All anticorrosive material is applied, no noxious fumes, no light pollution and chemical contamination.

10, Applicable: It can work normally and safely in the temperature of -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C and humid environment, high strength, impact resistance, waterproof, acid, alkali, explosion-proof, not afraid of storms and even The hail attacked and the protection level reached IP68.

Advantages of stainless steel letters

Luminous super-average: transmitting, refracting and reflecting light with a unique light-transmitting and absorbing layer, uniform surface

High brightness and ultra-thin: The brightness of the light-emitting surface can reach 1000-2500Mcd (depending on the color). The special light-transmitting and homogenizing layer can achieve the uniform light effect within a distance of at least 20mm. The minimum width of the font stroke can be up to 6mm through precise circuit design.

Outstanding and eye-catching: Evening light can be seen at night and can reach more than 2000 meters.

Energy-efficient: Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used as light-emitting sources with low energy consumption.

Safety and longevity: DC 12V (DC12V) low voltage operation, long life with LED long life of about 100,000 hours, no shortage of strokes, life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours.

Environmental sanitation: application of full anti-corrosion materials, no harmful gases volatilization.

Adaptable: Not afraid of wind, frost, snow and snow, it can work safely in the temperature range of -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C and humid environment.

Superior performance: high strength, impact resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, explosion protection, fear of violent storms and even hail attacks, protection level up to IP68;

delicate and compact: illuminant The thickness is small, it can reach 20mm, and the size of the font and logo can be expressed in any size.