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Share the latest manufacturing process to introduce you to the new transparent screen
- 2019-04-22-
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The following is Shenzhen Big Wheat Technology Co., Ltd. to share the latest manufacturing process, to show you the new transparent screen, transparent display LED display, we usually call it LED transparent screen or LED glass screen, the products of this process have been matured and stabilized after the technical process precipitation in 2016 and 2017, and the application of running-in, the product itself and application solutions. 2018 will be a year of explosive growth in this product.

I will give you a brief introduction to this product today. By the way, I will share some of the more advanced manufacturing processes. It is also a manufacturing process that can bring better display effect and better stability to the product. In order to facilitate the purchase of this product in the future, there are also a number of products in the heart.

The LED transparent screen is similar to the LED glass screen. As its name implies, it is the product of LED displays for the pursuit of better penetration, reduction or modification of materials. Most of these screens are used in places where glass is installed, so it is also known as a transparent screen.

The LED transparent screen retains the advantages of easy control of traditional LED display, low-voltage DC drive, rich color performance after combination, and long service life. It is widely used in urban lighting projects and large-screen display systems due to its unique advantages in glass curtain wall applications.

It can also be used as an indoor display curtain wall, which is widely used in large square lighting, stage sets, bars, high-end dance halls, urban landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S shops, hotels, banks, brands. Chain stores, etc., it has both LED glass display and the practicality of the display screen, but also has certain aesthetics and concealment.

There are two kinds of manufacturing processes for transparent screens. One is surface-side illumination. The process of this process is relatively simple, but the illumination angle is affected by the position of the lamp bead. To be smaller, the imaging effect will be affected. The other is the side-positive illuminating, which requires a higher level of the sizing process, and the manufacturer who masters the splicing process is relatively less. The picture below is a picture with a side light. Although the difficulty is large, the actual effect is indeed much better than the previous one.

There is still a need to sell it. It is the latest side-positive light-emitting patch technology. When you have the opportunity to actually touch the product, you can try it. The patch light beads are difficult to buckle off. This is obvious for the stability of the product. How to achieve it? I won’t focus on it here. This is the previous generation, the old side is a positive lighting process, and if the patch light is hard, it can still be deducted. Therefore, there is still a certain gap between the stability and the latest generation of patch technology. Of course, the two are only different in stability, and the display effect is the same.

Ok, today, the product is about to be introduced here. You need to know more about the latest information about related products. You can call us directly, we will provide you with a satisfactory reply!