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The brightest advertisement in the night of the LED light box
- 2019-04-19-
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Whenever night falls, how can I still see your ad content clearly? At this time, LED light boxes are naturally needed. LEDs are ultra-high intensity lights produced by superconducting luminescent crystals. There are many originals that can be illuminated. Why are LEDs more ideal?

Because it's excellent heat, it doesn't waste too much heat like incandescent light; it doesn't produce toxic gases like high-energy energy like fluorescent lamps; it doesn't require high voltage like neon lights. It is easy to damage, so it is widely used in the production of advertising light boxes.

The light box is an advertising form that is convenient for colorful graphic design, more visual impact, and cost-effective, so it has been loved by many advertisers. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of LED lightbox advertising:

1. Wide content

It's easy to show ads in different industry types without sticking to the industry. In the commercial products, enterprises, tourism, services, etc.; in the public transportation, transportation, security, welfare, savings, insurance, taxation, etc.; in the culture, education, art and other aspects of culture and education, can be widely Play a role.

2. Comprehensive

The form and content of the presentation are varied, from product trademarks, product names, physical photos, colors, corporate intentions to culture, economy, customs, beliefs, concepts. Everything is included. The location of the LED light box is very flexible, which also enhances its advantages in content display.


LED light boxes can be illuminated during the day and night, which is more conspicuous than ordinary non-illuminated advertisements. Neglecting the adverse effects of natural light and distance on advertising display, advertising The far-sighted effect of the work is strong, which is very conducive to the fast-paced, high-efficiency of modern society, and people who come and go in a hurry to pay attention to it at a distance.

4. Immobility and durability

The position of the LED light box is relatively fixed, unlike advertising products such as display stands, which can be moved at will, so the target position should be first designed and arranged. The analysis of the crowd ensures that the ads are accurately delivered to the target audience. The durability of the LED light box means that it can achieve the effect of one investment and multiple impressions, and can be used for advertising for a long time.

Compared with the general form of advertising, LED light boxes can undoubtedly attract customers' attention and play a greater advertising value. If you want to be the brightest ad in the night, consider the LED light box.