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Fan light box manufacturers can analyze more than one kind of advertising light box
- 2019-04-15-
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Which fan light box is better? Shenzhen Big Wheat Technology Co., Ltd. is the first choice in China. It is a technology company specializing in product development, manufacturing and sales. Since its inception, the company has been committed to providing industry customers with a cool and more convenient display product to meet the needs of the ever-developing visual display products in the Shangxian market. The following is a description of the fan light box manufacturers for "don't think that there is only one kind of advertising light box, to know about it"; advertising light box: is a general term for light boxes formed by plastic molding, its shape has square, round and shaped ( Other geometric shapes) and so on.

The advertising light box combines the advantages of neon lights. It can be flashed continuously during the day and night, and the combination of motion and static attracts people's attention. Various texts and patterns are ordered to jump, alternately shine, and have strong visual impact. Satisfy the viewer's visual experience and promote the maximum economic benefits for advertisers. LED electronic flashing light box will be a shining pearl of the future advertising industry dynamic light box.

Advantages of LED advertising light box:

1. LED light box adopts ultra-thin design;

2. High-quality LED light source, long and reliable light box, long life Long, maintenance costs are extremely low;

3, diversified design, flexible and variable flashing mode, more advertising effect;

4, low-voltage DC power supply, power saving, security , aluminum alloy frame, safe and environmentally friendly.

Wide range of applications

Light boxes are widely used in shopping malls, hairdressing, beauty chain stores, railway stations, highway toll stations, parking lots, hotels, entertainment venues, bank photo studios, etc.

Blister light box

The skeleton of the plastic light box is made of aluminum, and the width of the aluminum profile is 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 11.5cm, etc., depending on the size of the light box or the customer. Choose the right width. Light boxes with larger dimensions can be reinforced with steel. The light box foot depends on the installation method, and has a T shape, and has a hoop mounted on the cylinder. Light boxes can be widely used in banking financial institutions, road signs, various store facades, bank outlets, chain stores, large shopping malls, supermarkets, roads in urban streets, used as signs, signs, publicity displays and other places.

Advantages of blister light box:

1. Colorful and eye-catching effect

2. High temperature resistance, climate change resistance and environmental protection}

< p=""> 3. Not easy to deform, not easy to fade (generally 8-10 years of color retention)

4. Good corrosion resistance

5. Rain, fire and self-ignition resistance

It is a new type of outdoor media introduced in recent years. As a promotional product in the advertising industry, it has strong three-dimensional sense, rich colors and low cost. It has been favored by customers, its application and development speed. quickly.

Blister light boxes are mainly used in:

1. Construction, such as: window, soundproof door wall, lighting cover, solar collector, telephone booth.

2, advertising display categories, such as: light boxes, signs, signs, display stands, ball cover, road signs.

3, industrial products, such as: instrument panel, machine shield, flow meter.

4, lighting, such as: fluorescent lampshade, various shapes of lampshade for environmental purification equipment.

5, civil categories, such as: bathroom equipment, dressing table, photo frame, shelf, gifts, souvenirs, sitting on the back of the chair, candy box, information frame, food cover.

6, special purpose categories, such as: aircraft, yachts and car windows and windshields, submarines and trenches periscope.

Ultra-thin light box

Ultra-thin light box: It is a new type of light box that has been rapidly developed in recent years. It uses a unique light guide plate technology. A general fluorescent tube or an LED or the like is used as a light source. The product has the characteristics of thin, bright, uniform and economical---thin, refers to small thickness; bright, refers to the light source is bright and high under the same power condition; uniform, refers to the uniform light of the luminous surface; province, refers to energy saving, with light guide The ultra-thin light box manufactured is 60-70% more energy efficient than the ordinary light box.

A multi-functional new advertising carrier made up of a variety of outer frame materials using a backlight module formed by a light guide plate, which is ultra-thin, stylish, energy-saving, and uniform in illumination. It is easy to install and maintain, and it is suitable for any commercial area. The shape has single-sided cards, double-sided cards, curved cards and signs.

Advantages of ultra-thin light box:

1. Beautiful appearance, ultra-thin and ultra-light. The lightest box can be as thin as 2 cm, and the lightest can be as light as 0.5 kg;

2. More than 70% energy saving than traditional light boxes. Leading lighting technology to make lighting more concentrated, more efficient and energy efficient;

3, unique light box anti-flash function, longer lamp life;

4, variable line The light source is a surface light source, the illumination is more uniform, softer and more comfortable;

5, natural light

Line-like color design, the image is more realistic and pleasing to the eye, and the visual effect is more excellent;

6, high-tech light guide plate technology design, its principle and effect can be comparable to laptop LCD display;

7, make full use of the material's backlight transmission characteristics, high light release rate The light spreads more evenly and naturally;

8. Quickly open the design and replace the light piece is simpler and faster;

The ultra-thin light box is mainly used in: shopping malls, supermarkets , banks, chain stores, restaurants, restaurants, airports, terminals, subways, stations, wedding photo studios, exhibitions and other industries.