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How to use 3D light boxes and signage promotional products
- 2019-04-12-
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How to use 3D light box and signage promotion products, 3D light boxes and signboard production standards are getting higher and higher It's getting harder and harder to make. A sign making standard determines the success or failure of a product.

1, 3D advertising style design

First of all, to combine 3D advertising with products, to play a role in positioning, not just to make 3D advertising more attractive, and thus a large number Use some design that is not related to the product. Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the design of advertising products, which cannot be changed at will. This determines the effect of 3D advertising. It is forbidden to use a large number of factors that are not related to product style. This will result in the product promotion effect is not obvious, or it is counter-effect.

2, 3D advertising image processing

3D advertising product images have to go through some artistic processing. For example, combining blue and red, these two colors combine to create a visual impact that makes people look attractive. At the same time, it is forbidden to fill the color background with an unprocessed color. For example, the blue and red, the east and the west will be messy and chaotic, which will not achieve the effect of propaganda.

3, 3D text processing

3D font processing to ensure that the font can be seen clearly, otherwise the font is beautiful, for people who browse 3D advertising, there is no effect, They won't waste a lot of time researching your 3D text. In order to make the 3D text more prominent, the primary and secondary characters are distinct, it is necessary to make different color descriptions of the key font styles in the advertisement words, deformation of different fonts, and the like.

4, 3D advertising artistic conception

The artistic conception of 3D advertising is very important, which determines whether consumers have a desire to buy. If you can make people watch 3D product advertisements and feel that the products are attractive enough to trigger consumers' desire to buy, then congratulations, your 3D advertising is successful.