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Development and role of 3D naked eye advertising machine
- 2019-04-08-
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With the development of naked-eye 3D technology, more and more manufacturers have launched different naked-eye 3D products. From the perspective of consumers, the development of naked-eye 3D will bring you more With a lot of wonderful horizons, everyone is full of expectations. From the current development situation, 3D is the mainstream now, and the naked eye 3D will also replace 3D, becoming the final trend in the 3D era. The following is an introduction to the development and role of the naked eye advertising machine!

In recent years, 3D movies have taught everyone what 3D is, but the drawback is that they need to wear 3D glasses to watch, which greatly affects the consumer experience. The emergence of naked-eye 3D has gradually solved such problems, and the naked-eye 3D advertising machine in the commercial field is the best proof. The viewer does not need any equipment to see the 3D stereo effect, giving the audience a different visual experience. The audience does not need to see the real thing, nor does it need to go to the field trip. The naked-eye 3D advertising machine can clearly show the physical objects in front of the audience, as if they are there.

Application Cases

1Jewelers show their jewelry on the naked-eye 3D advertising machine in front of consumers, which can attract consumers' attention and increase their desire to purchase; /p>

2 When buying a house, the buyer only needs to sit in front of the advertising machine to experience the shape, structure, design and decoration of the house;

3 Some precious cultural relics are not Suitable for display in front of the public, then the naked-eye 3D advertising machine is the best tool to restore the real face of cultural relics;

4 naked-eye 3D advertising machine can also be applied in medical experiments, through naked-eye 3D advertising machine The human body model, the organ organization, is more realistic and vivid, allowing students to get a more detailed understanding.

In real life, the way of graphic and textual information has not fully demonstrated the characteristics of the product. With the maturity of naked-eye 3D technology, the naked-eye 3D products are laid in the market. A very solid foundation. The naked-eye 3D industry will also enrich more content. In the near future, it will not only be used in the commercial field, but also enter the civilian field and popularize the families of the people. Let us look forward to the infinitely wonderful vision of naked-eye 3D technology.