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What are the advantages of holographic advertising machines in shopping malls
- 2019-04-05-
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What are the advantages of holographic advertising machines used in shopping malls, from the little-known "black technology" to the well-known "LED fan", the holographic advertising machine has gradually returned to its existence. Status, to illuminate the beautiful world.

The concept of holographic projection appears earlier than AR/VR, but due to technical barriers, there has been no widespread commercial use. Now, the most common holographic projection technology for the advertising industry is "LED rotating display." "Although it is not a holographic projection in the true sense, after continuous technical improvement, the visual effect is quite OK.

To achieve the effect of floating phantoms, you need to use LED strips, magnets, etc., through the established program, let the LED lights constantly change, in the case of high-speed rotation, due to the human eye's vision By staying, you can achieve this effect.

This is the holographic advertising machine of the first generation product. At that time, its structure was very simple, and there were many suitable places. There is no requirement for the installation place of the LCD advertising machine. It can be said that it is absolutely large. Most objects can be mounted on the surface, and they can be hand-held, but be careful not to get injured by the fan blades.

The 3D holographic advertising machine is very popular in the market because it brings a new look and feel to the public, instead of the traditional two-dimensional display.

Holographic projection technology is mainly used in the exhibition industry, which can bring people a new visual experience, attract more viewers, achieve better publicity and exhibition purposes, and is very popular among businesses and audiences.

So, what are the advantages of holographic advertising?

1. The target audience is accurate: it is aimed at the audience who will have a purchase behavior.

2, attracting the line of sight: the holographic advertising machine gives people the wonderful feeling of floating phantom, easy to leave deep memory for consumers.

3, the propaganda form is novel: traditional print advertising has been difficult to attract consumers' attention, and the holographic advertising machine's propaganda form is very novel, the display picture is vivid and vivid, and the visual impact is strong. Stylish and innovative form of advertising.

4, long advertising period: can continue for a long time, 365 days a year, 24 hours next to the product promotion, a wide audience, cost-effective.

Because the holographic advertising machine has so many advantages, because it is becoming the new darling of offline advertising.