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The development of advertising machines and the rise of 3D advertising machines
- 2019-04-01-
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The development of advertising machines and the rise of 3D advertising machines, the old saying goes: "The children of the tiger leopard have not been written to have the flavor of eating cattle." We borrowed this old saying in today's Chinese advertising machine The status quo of the enterprise is also appropriate. Since entering the advertising machine industry, domestic advertising machine companies have witnessed the potential of Chinese advertising machines to be able to sculpt in the short period of time from the initial immature burdock to the gradual improvement of the color. Hongjun has great ambitions, and his mind is full of thoughts. When the wings are not rich, he will step up cultivation.

Similarly, compared with international home appliance digital giants, although domestic advertising companies are not well-funded, the starting point is relatively late, and the gap is obvious, especially in areas where key technologies and core equipment need to be self-improved. Wins, however, this gap is not a world of difference, high-minded, and later, as long as the study is sincere, domestic advertising companies will be able to shine.

Since it is possible to look back, what is the gap between domestic advertising machines and international big companies? In the face of the international big companies, how to carry out the cultivation of domestic advertising companies Short-sighted ability, how to effectively grasp the development machine? In the face of many questions, domestic advertising machine companies must be aware of the chest, thoughtful, and can be determined.

First, from a macro perspective, the overall size is small

Compared with international giants, the overall size of domestic advertising machines is relatively small and the power is scattered. Earlier data showed that the average annual sales of advertising machines in China was around 30 million, of which the largest chip company's annual sales revenue was less than 100 million US dollars, while the US Cree's 2009 sales reached 567 million US dollars, the gap. Still very obvious. With the advancement of technology and the formation of large-scale application market, the requirements for large-scale production capacity and product performance of advertising machines will be higher, and there is an urgent need for advertising machine enterprises to become bigger and stronger and accelerate product structure adjustment.

Second, from the production level, most of them are back-end products

Since the domestic mainland is mainly the mainland advertising machine put into production, it has been carrying forward the "cottage" level to follow the trend of Europe and the United States, after production End product. Although the domestic introduction of high-end equipment and advanced technology, there is still a considerable gap between the frontier technology and large enterprises. For the high-end market with sharp technical requirements, domestic advertising machines are mostly discouraged, and they have turned into manpower-intensive areas such as shell manufacturing and product main equipment. Too many companies have put their competition into the back-end products. The lack of channels and immaturity and the brand's indeed cause low-end products to flood, product homogeneity is serious, and the market is chaotic.

Third, intellectual property rights, lack of core patents

In terms of high-end patent property rights of international advertising machines, the proportion of advertising machine companies in China is extremely small, so the color agent to product When the patent is patented, the minefield is heavy and extravagant.

Combining these objective factors, if domestic advertising companies want to occupy one side on the world stage, they must take the gap between themselves and their opponents seriously and seriously, and take the best of them. Of course, we can't just see our gaps and ignore our own advantages. The domestic market is no smaller than any hell market. The advertising machine industry is an emerging industry. As far as global technology is concerned, no one company has fully reached the mature and top-notch technology level. Therefore, domestic advertising machine companies have the opportunity to participate in global technology research and development and innovation as well as market competition. Xingqiwang Group will develop its enterprise in line with the concept of technological innovation and development. It is firmly believed that domestic advertising machines will be able to catch up with those large enterprises as long as they are willing to be practical, willing to work hard, and will be able to catch up with the big companies.

3D blockbusters such as "Avatar" and "2012" are broadcasted, and their realistic and stereoscopic 3D images are as immersive as they are, giving people a stunning visual effect. At this point, 3D technology applications are out of control. All major manufacturers have high hopes for 3D, and 3D TVs, 3D projectors, 3D game consoles, 3D notebooks and other products are emerging one after another. Of course, 3D LCD advertising machines are also indispensable.

LCD advertising machines are industrial-grade products, and most of the screens use industrial-grade A+ screens to ensure high-definition screening of promotional videos. Guangzhou Jinzhong Electronics believes that 3D technology is applied to advertising machines, and the combination of the two will greatly enhance the "killing power" of advertising machines. 3D advertising machine, let us enjoy the real three-dimensional image on the 2D plane. Its display effect is much more shocking than HD, and the realistic stereoscopic image and vivid color have powerful visual impact.

Compared with ordinary LCD advertising machines, the viewing range is wider, and the viewing angle ranges up to 140 degrees. Especially after the birth of naked-eye 3D technology, let us see that 3D no longer need to wear special stereo glasses, the technical breakthrough makes 3D advertising machine more suitable for the public places, plus customized high-definition big screen, advertising machine as marketing The effect of the weapon can be foreseen.

The application of naked-eye 3D technology has given the advertising machine a new vitality. At the same time, we also see that the industry lacks uniform standards and technical defects make the naked-eye 3D advertising machine not widely used in the market. . However, the author firmly believes that the 3D trend is unstoppable with the constant innovation of technology, and the advertising machine will enter a new era of development!

When it comes to information media, most people think directly about newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet. But today's information publishers are no longer satisfied with the traditional information channels that are widely available but not targeted. With the development of technology, the market is fiercely competitive, more and more businesses, the demand for dynamic advertising has increased, they began to look for the carrier of dynamic advertising, so in order to meet the needs of the market, the advertising machine is a new generation of electronic products, slow Slow start to meet people.

In the past year, naked-eye 3D has become more popular, and it has been well received by the audience. At present, major manufacturers have launched naked-eye 3D displays, 3D advertising machines and other products. The naked-eye 3D information on the network is everywhere, and all major websites are linked with naked-eye 3D information. When we consider which naked-eye 3D brand to choose, we should also understand the purpose of these naked-eye 3D advertising machines.

Provide customers with a naked-eye 3D integrated video solution. Recently launched a series of naked-eye 3D advertising machines, which makes the effect of playing ads more prominent, and has an immersive feeling to attract people's attention. In the next 3 to 5 years, viewers will be able to create unprecedented naked-eye 3D visual enjoyment, and the naked-eye 3D advertising machine will enter a new era of development.

Nowadays, the most troublesome problem for advertising machine operators is how to attract the attention of the audience. When people can easily get any information they want through the palm device, their interest in the content of the advertising machine will be reduced accordingly, thus reducing the influence of digital signage content.

In the context of the global tide of information technology, the popularity of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets has been increasing. With these portable smart devices, people can easily obtain information of interest anytime, anywhere. However, this is definitely not good news for advertisers.

For any type of media carrier, competing for the target customer is the key to the problem. How can they catch their eyeballs, attract their attention, and win their stops and stops in the context of easy access to information? The answer is to provide them with unique and unique content, especially since they can’t get anywhere else. The information obtained.

The main problem that has caused the viewers to lose their appeal is the lack of content. In fact, the vast majority of advertising machine content is more "safe" type, not the most interesting.

For example, it is quite common to quote weather conditions on a network advertising machine. But in the vast majority of cases, this information is not very attractive, or useful. In many indoor applications, the audience has just entered the room from the outside, and they are already very clear about the weather outside. In addition, most people have a smartphone, and the smartphone not only provides detailed weather information, but also almost any other form of information that the viewer sees.

Therefore, in order to attract the attention of the audience, you must build enough unique content for your digital signage. This part must be of interest to the audience. The most important thing is that they cannot get it from other places. Content. You can partner with content creators to get enough unique and unique content for your network of advertisers. Of course, don't forget to consider the factors of the surrounding environment as well as the mentality and behavior of the target audience.

It can be seen from observation that comedy works have medium to long stays in almost any environment. This provides us with an idea to collaborate with popular comedy video sites to create custom content that suits you with comedy content that can engage viewers and guide them to connect with your network.

As another example, if you need to build a health club’s advertising content, you might want to work with men’s and women’s slimming or other health-related content providers to create a health-conscious audience that’s attractive. It is impossible to find content elsewhere.

The digital display network can act as a promotional tool for content providers and can pull the attraction back to their website. This brings value to content providers and the web. In fact, digital online advertising and TV advertising are no different, the difference is that the content length is shorter. Therefore, if you want digital network marketing to be successful in the long run, you must also spend more time on the content construction.

In the construction of advertising machine network content, we must fully consider two important factors: network capability and presence environment. Based on these factors, build brand-related knowledgeable and entertaining content. In reality, many advertisers are overly utilising existing TV or online advertising ideas to produce signage advertisements that appear to be “safe” but not fresh and attractive. This is extremely unwise.