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3D naked-eye advertising machine brings a new round of visual excitement
- 2019-04-12-

Floor-standing advertising machines, as the name suggests, are advertising machines that can be placed on the ground, spread over large commercial and airport airports. In the public places where stations, hotels, cinemas and others flow together, the advertising benefits are immeasurable. The long-term intensive advertising bombing has already made the public "experienced fatigue". How to regain the audience's sight and stimulate consumers to watch interest is an urgent problem to be solved. Therefore, the 3Dnaked-eye advertising machine came into being, featuring the naked-eye 3D function, bringing a new round of visual excitement.

Floor-standing advertising machines are understood as vertical advertising machines in the industry. Commonly, there are horizontal screen vertical, vertical vertical and T-shaped vertical shapes. Zhuomei Huashi innovatively applies the naked-eye 3D technology to create a new-generation floor-standing naked-eye 3D advertising machine. The clear three-dimensional naked-eye 3D effect makes the traditional vertical advertising machine completely new.

The floor-standing naked-eye 3D advertising machine uses lenticular lens technology to view stereoscopic 3D images without any auxiliary equipment. The lenticular lens technology also features high brightness, high contrast, clear picture quality, and strong stereoscopic effect. Unlike the traditional 3D movie mode, the naked-eye 3D advertising machine does not need to be played in dimly lit environments, suitable for any indoor or semi-outdoor occasions. Ad serving.

The floor-standing naked-eye 3D advertising machine not only features the naked-eye 3D function, but also supports 2D/3D video playback. It has a networked playback function, which can realize unified management and promotion activities of chain stores throughout the city and even the whole country. Release, publicize information and central monitoring, and improve management and publicity.

The naked-eye 3D advertising machine has two categories of 2K and 4K naked-eye 3D advertising machines. There are dozens of sizes from 21.5 inches to 82 inches. The finished products can be purchased directly and wholesaled. If there are special size requirements, Zhuomei Huashi also supports manufacturers to customize and tailor the products for customers.