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3D lightbox manufacturers say naked-eye 3D stereoscopic paintings have quietly emerged in all walks of life
- 2019-04-12-

3D Lightbox Which is better? Shenzhen Big Wheat Technology Co., Ltd. is the first choice. The company is located beside the world's largest Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. It is located at No. 307, Building A5, Tianrui Industrial Park, No. 35 Fuyuan 1st Road, Fuyong, Baoan District! Why do you say that “naked-eye 3D three-dimensional paintings have quietly risen in all walks of life?” With the improvement of the living standards of the people, the requirements for quality of life have also increased day by day. And various life service industries are also racking their brains to innovate. For example, some entertainment industries, wedding photography and other industries have turned their attention to the new technology naked eye 3D. The temperament of the high-end atmosphere of the naked-eye 3D stereoscopic painting has attracted many eyeballs in the life service industry. The service must be creative, and there must be bright spots that can be remembered to meet the fresh psychological needs of the guests. The naked eye 3D stereo painting is a good choice.

There may be times when an inconspicuous detail can create a hugely differentiated competitive advantage in the industry. At present, subway stations such as Beijing and Shanghai, where some people have a lot of traffic, have a lot of naked-eye 3D stereoscopic light box advertisements or naked-eye 3D stereoscopic paintings, giving people a feeling of being real, lifelike and the characters coming out.

The naked-eye 3D stereoscopic painting is not only used in entertainment, wedding photography, media advertising, etc. At present, there are many religious-themed naked-eye 3D stereoscopic paintings that are favored by everyone. An ordinary flat painting is processed into a naked eye 3D stereoscopic picture hanging in a corridor or room of various entertainment places, and will immediately attract a lot of attention. The naked-eye 3D wedding photos will make people feel different. The naked-eye 3D religious three-dimensional painting can show the spirituality of all the gods! All in all, naked-eye 3D stereoscopic paintings have quietly emerged in all walks of life.

This three-dimensional painting is a three-dimensional effect that uses a special optical material (commonly known as a grating material) to display a lifelike three-dimensional world on a flat surface. The hand touches it flat, the eyes look three-dimensional, with a prominent foreground and a deep back view, and the scenery is realistic. Each type of image can make a stereo effect. It is a combination of digital technology and traditional printing output technology. It uses a series of stereo images to form a picture. The surface of the picture is covered by a layer of grating.