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Fan light box manufacturers talk about light box type and materials used
- 2019-04-12-

There are a variety of ways to create a lightbox, and you'll find a variety of supplies! The following large wheat technology light box manufacturers specializing in the production of fan light boxes will introduce you to the light box type and materials used!

First, light box classification:

According to the material: crystal light box, pull light box, electronic light box, EL light box, LED light box, acrylic light box, aluminum light box, glass steel light box, stainless steel light box Wait.

According to the shape: square light box, round light box, 3D light box, three-dimensional light box, double-sided light box, floor light box, flip light box, column light box, three-sided turn light box, suction cup light box, change light box, volume Moving light boxes, changing light boxes, color changing light boxes, rotating light boxes, etc.

According to the purpose: refers to the street light box, bank light box, eye chart light box, color light box, advertising light box, sign light box and so on.

According to the process: new light box, mirror light box, induction light box, magic light box, shadow light box, magic light box, solar light box, magnetic suspension light box, EEFL light box, ultra-thin light box, plastic light box, rolling light box!

Second, the material used in the light box:

keel: angle iron or aluminum alloy profile;

Light source: fluorescent tube, LED ballast, fluorescent lamp Tube, LED module lamp, LED transformer, aluminum plastic word strip, crystal lamp holder, digital tube, melamine lamp, LED bulb, illuminating floor tile, neon lamp accessories, small spotlight illuminating light source;

Light box panel: plexiglass swatch, acrylic, abs, pvc, aluminum alloy, etc.

Bracket: triangular iron frame.

Third, commonly used tools:

electric drill, cross screwdriver, dowel, hacksaw, wood saw, shovel hammer, pliers, small nails, latex, hook knife, wire saw, Plexiglass glue.

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