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The steps and methods for making common luminous characters include highlighting letters
- 2019-04-12-
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Highlighting words Manufacturers popularize the steps and methods of making common light words for friends. First, before introducing the steps of making luminous characters, we need to emphasize Because there are many types of luminous characters, we can only give a summary of several common productions, and we can not give a general overview. In future articles, we will introduce each kind of luminous characters specifically. One to explain, so that everyone can understand the specific steps of the luminous characters more clearly.

The production of one or three luminous characters

How to do the three-sided luminous characters? The whole body shines the word, here is the acrylic full body luminous word, the whole will be bright at night.

1. Put the plate into Machine, acrylic plate engraving the desired font. The size of the credential production, the acrylic plate with the color selection, the good words in the computer, input!

2. Requested by the three-sided luminous word The three sides are all luminous, the side is also made of acrylic sheet, and the side acrylic sheet is bent and formed.

3. The good three-sided luminous characters are made inside the led mold. Group, adjoin the line! Put the enclosing surface on the bottom of the shell, and drill the screws with the holes and take the line.

Second, the production of punching letters

A hole, a lamp, a relatively high-quality word, how to do it?

1, the big word first the whole plate with a machine tool punched holes to fix the shape of the iron word To the appropriate position, drill with electric drill (9mm), the spacing is determined according to the height of the outdoor card installation and the production cost. The general center distance is: 10-30mm, the spacing is small, the brightness is high, and the cost is higher. /p>

2. Weld the three-dimensional edge of the engraved word (the same as the baking lacquer). Do not rub the corners of the word. Do not have burrs

3. Bake Processing, roasting into various colors of paint, at night you need to light the color of the lamp to light the color of the lamp, not affected by the bottom word, and the large characters are higher than the ground, the exposed lights are not obvious during the day. /p>

4, equipped with LED light waterproof light string (that is, the light string that is waterproofed with each rubber lamp that is made now is easy to maintain.) >

Third, the production of plastic letters

The plastic letters have a strong three-dimensional effect, can be molded some patterns, can absorb the font, how to do plastic?

1. After heating and softening the flat plastic sheet (acrylic), vacuum-adsorb the surface of the wooden mold with the three-dimensional engraving machine previously used. After cooling, milling, boring, grinding, grinding Aluminum plastic (or iron) edging, made into the word cover

2, put the finished cover on the iron sheet (also can be aluminum, stainless steel) carved on the outline of the word. According to the contour, the jigsaw is used to saw the font, and then the metal strips are welded together to form the word slot.

3, the word slot spray paint (internal spray white) Paint) Externally spray the required color according to customer requirements, install high-brightness LED module and fix it with glass glue.

4, package the finished acrylic plastic cover to the already bound The metal word on the LED lamp slot. The whole word is made

Fourth, the production of resin letters

1, the model with a shell, surrounded by iron or stainless steel Font shape, commonly known as the word shell.

2, inside the shell is equipped with LED light source, can be fixed in a layer of PVC material.

3, in the shell A transparent 3mm plexiglass piece is fixed on the upper part, and the hot melt adhesive for preventing the loophole is placed around.

4. The resin glue is adjusted, and the glue is mixed by AB, and the homogenizer is added. With pigments and anti-aging agents.

5. Pour the prepared resin into the prepared shell model, and then form the resin liquid after curing.

V. Stainless steel Manufacture of luminous characters

1. Laser cutting the surface. Cutting into basic glyphs, using laser cutting and cutting, has the following advantages: precise glyphs, no shape, more sleek and more beautiful cutting lines View, transition is more natural.

2, trimming, according to the thickness of the cut out the thickness of the edge. Saw angle, glyph distance measurement, accurate positioning, sawing in place.

3 Soldering tin or argon. Use tin or argon welding according to the actual situation. High quality soldering should ensure that there are no protruding small tin or tin small beads at the tin joint to ensure that the rear panel is mounted flat (to ensure No leakage of light); argon welding to ensure that no burns, burn through the mirror material

4, floor welding. Stainless steel, galvanized iron or Chevron board can be used as the base material.

p> 5, grinding, polishing. Further treatment of the welding, so that the welding line is smoother and more beautiful; the non-welding is also polished at the same time, so as not to affect the overall finish.

6, with LED Lamps. LED lights should be evenly distributed on the bottom plate. To ensure uniform distribution of the lamps, the wire connectors should be firm, and the LED lamps should be added with silica gel to prevent them from falling off.

7. Bonding acrylic panels/blisters and buckles To ensure that the panel and the buckle are bonded in place and flat. To ensure no light leakage or water penetration, a neutral silicone sealing panel must be used to contact the buckle. This is also a simple, effective and low-cost waterproof measure.)

Sixth, the production of back-illuminated words

1, the metal word back with LED lights, this practice is usually followed The same as the ordinary metal word, just soldered the foot code or screw support, the metal word on the back of the LED lamp, this is actually the most common practice, the cost is lower, but usually this is installed outdoors, because you can see the support point The shortcoming is that it may affect the neatness of the board.

2, Seiko metal word plus crystal word, the middle of the lamp with metal word and crystal word, this is more suitable for indoor image wall or exhibition hall. Because of crystal The word is transparent, the light is very beautiful, the front can be painted or electroplated, beautiful and elegant, neat and beautiful, can be directly attached to the wall.

3, crystal bottom and metal back Light LED word, this method is basically the same as the second item, the difference is the Tibetan lamp, the second metal word is hollow, therefore, the Tibetan lamp is relatively easy. This is a solid metal word on the surface, the lamp is Installed in the crystal word below, this method, the light transmission point is greatly improved, suitable for thin thickness and large illumination angle Signboard word.

4, the side punching back to the light, this approach gives people a sense of guilt. The practice is the improvement of the first method, is to punch the hole in the edge of the word, The lighting is a kind of hollowed-out light on the side, and the support can still be lit on the back.