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The new light box manufacturer has the precautions for choosing the advertising light box
- 2019-04-12-

Professional New Lightbox Manufacturers understand "Before choosing an advertising lightbox, please understand it These parameters", if the outdoor billboards light up the night of the city, then the advertising light box should be the one that plays the most important role. Since the previous outdoor big names were too low in visibility at night, the advent of advertising light boxes greatly solved this problem. Advertising Lightboxes have these advantages. Do advertisers want to place advertising lightboxes? It is important to understand the ingredients and principles of the production before launching.

I. About the frame and panel material of the advertising light box

The main components of the large light box are steel and plastic structures. The double frame of the base is made of steel or stainless steel, and the outer cover of the picture is made of glass. Board, plexiglass board, light box cloth, etc. The main components of the small door, rod and hanging light boxes are injection molding frames. Most of the graphic covers are glass, plexiglass, transparent plastic plates, acrylic plates and so on.

Second, the graphic material of the advertising light box

According to the structure of the structure and the production process, you can use synthetic paper, inkjet film, self-adhesive adhesive film, Light box canvas and other materials.

Film: silver glossy film, back spray box film, back spray wear film, pure white glossy inkjet film, fully transparent slides, etc.

Synthetic paper, inkjet high-grade art watercolor paper, high-toughness glossy photo paper matt photo paper, poster paper, self-adhesive white glossy PVC, self-adhesive pure white matte PVC, self-adhesive Full transparency film, etc.

Lightbox canvas: pure white glossy art canvas, Paulis canvas, all-weather outdoor tape, full-day outdoor durable fiber cloth, all-weather outdoor self-adhesive bright tape.

Third, the light source effect of the advertising light box

The auxiliary light of the light box (commonly known as lighting) according to the structure of its graphic picture, the material, the thickness of the printed ink layer, graphic The format of the lighting is illuminated. In the past, ordinary fluorescent lamps were used. With the wide use of new LED lamps, the light box lighting also realized the lighting method of various light sources from a simple auxiliary light source. At the same time, the picture quality, uniformity and softness are improved.

Advertising light box graphic production process requirements: the color of its graphic production is better than the design graphics and documents in visual communication, and whether each element can truly exert the best visual effect of the graphic advertising designer. It is to be achieved through a variety of graphic printing methods. The color light text copying principle of the advertising light box is based on the tone copying process.

In order to meet the requirements of the printing process, it used to use screens and photographic screening. Now, the method of electronic color separation and screening is basically used to decompose the image of the continuous original into a mosaic-like shape. The eye can not be distinguished in the observation distance, the different density levels of the pixel network of the image are distinguished, and the continuous adjustment visual effect is realized on the observation distance. We understand that the largest purpose of the advertising light box is not to create a light box, but to have a reference value when choosing an advertising light box in the future.

To know the same light box, the effect of different materials may be completely different, and the effect of different effects will be greatly affected.