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Rotating display new technology manufacturers sharing induction rotary display advertising machine
- 2019-04-12-

Rotate display new technology Manufacturers share an inductive rotary display advertising machine The utility model relates to a display advertising machine, in particular to an induction rotary display advertising machine.

Background technology:

The advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent devices, which constitute a complete advertising broadcast control system through terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, and through the picture Multimedia materials such as text, video, and small plug-ins (weather, exchange rates, etc.) are advertised.

At present, the advertising machines in the market are similar, and the advertising methods are single. People have long been accustomed to advertising on electronic screens, resulting in a decline in the attention of advertising machines and a decline in the quality of advertising.

Technical realization elements:

The technical problem to be solved by the utility model is to provide an inductive rotary display advertising machine, which uses infrared rays to sense surrounding customers and detects When the person is in charge, the buzzer responds, the display stand rotates automatically, and the customer is presented with products and promotional videos to the customer. Attracting customers in the mall is conducive to better promotion and display of products.

In order to solve the above technical problems, the technical scheme adopted by the utility model is as follows: an induction rotary display advertising machine, comprising a base, a rotary disk is rotatably connected to the base, and a human body recognition sensor is arranged on the rotating disk The upper part of the rotating disk is provided with an advertising machine screen.

As a further improvement of the above technical solution:

The plane of the advertising machine screen and the rotating disk are at an angle of 80 degrees.

The number of the human body recognition sensors is three, one of which is set on the rotating disk directly in front of the advertising machine screen, and the other two are arranged on the rotating disk on both sides of the advertising machine screen.

The rear of the two advertising machine screens is provided with two supporting plates, and two supporting plates are respectively provided with supporting members on both sides thereof, and the supporting members include a first supporting piece and a second supporting piece. The second support piece is fixed on the two advertising machine screens, and the second support piece is perpendicular to the plane of the two advertising machine screens.

The first support piece and the second support piece are perpendicular, and the upper edge of the second support piece and the plane of the two advertising machine screens are at an angle of 128 degrees.

The two support plates are arranged in parallel, and the two support plates have the same shape and size, and the shapes of the two support plates are trapezoidal.

The base is provided with an electric control box, a sensor, a DC motor, a rotating shaft and a gear combination. The rotating shaft is disposed at a central portion of the base, and the upper end of the rotating shaft is coupled to the rotating disk.