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New transparent screen

New transparent screen

Product Details

3D advertising machines make up a large screen Commonly known as the new led transparent screen, the screen shows the actual effect is shocking and spectacular. The 3D advertising machine is mainly used in conference halls, large and medium-sized product exhibitions, large and medium-sized sports venues, etc., with its unique screen display.

In view of the use of newer high-tech optoelectronic technology, the large screen screen can not find any medium when displaying the theme content, as if the theme content of the video is floating in midair. 3D advertising machine Dalian screen can be recognized by the sales market. The root cause is high brightness, good definition, easy installation and use.

3D advertising machine large joint screen has advantages over the current price of led transparent screen on the market, the actual effect on the screen display is greater than the led transparent screen, the comprehensive evaluation has a cost-effective convexity. 3D advertising machine Da Lian screen in the future life of large and medium-sized commercial display sales market has a lot to do, the industry commonly known as "new led transparent screen."

What is the difference between a led transparent screen and a normal-level LED display?

LED laminated glass screen is similar to the use of full transparent thermal conductivity technology, liquid crystal display (light-emitting diode) leveling plywood in the two layers of laminated glass between the high-grade custom photoelectric glass. According to the demand, the liquid crystal display design can be conceived into a variety of different arrangements such as stars, matrix, text, patterns, patterns, etc., which is a kind of bright screen, and the traditional LCD screen grille and light bar The screen structure is similar and has a light and transparent feature. However, LED glass displays rely on laminated glass, which is adhered to the surface of the laminated glass or sandwiched between the laminated glass by a process. The liquid crystal display screen has a special design concept and can be adhered to the surface of the laminated glass.

Compared with the seven different screens of the transparent LCD display and the LCD screen:

1. Installation method

LCD display led transparent The screen can be used in most of the building's glass curtain wall, and can be designed to match the match.

The LCD screen glass screen needs to be inserted into the design concept to reserve an electric control slot before the building design concept. The building glass is mounted to the laminated glass frame. Installation of existing glass curtain wall buildings is not possible.

2. Product Weight

The LCD transparent display does not take up space and is light. The thickness of the main board is only 10mm, and the weight of the display body is generally 12kg/m2. It is directly fixed to the glass curtain wall without changing the structure of the building.

The LCD glass display should be designed with the concept of illuminating glass. The laminated glass itself weighs more than 30kg/m2.

3. Permeability

The liquid crystal display led transparent screen has a permeability of 50%-90%, ensuring the original lighting perspective function of the glass wall.

The LCD screen glass screen has a permeability of 70%-95%, ensuring the original lighting perspective of the glass wall.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

No auxiliary cooling equipment is required, which is 30%-50% more energy efficient than ordinary LCD screen display.

5.Installation Operation

The fully transparent LCD display can be hung, attached, and installed in a single installation.

The liquid crystal display screen glass screen can only be installed as a building special architectural glass in the construction of the glass curtain wall, and the maintainability is low.


The liquid crystal display led transparent screen is convenient and quick to maintain, saving manpower and material resources.

The LCD glass display is almost unmaintainable. The building structure needs to be removed and the entire laminated glass screen replaced.

7. Display effect

has a unique display effect because the display background is transparent, which can make the advertising screen feel like a suspension on the glass wall. Advertising and artistic effects.


It should be said that the transparent LED display belongs to the LED glass screen, but has more advantages than the LED glass display. The LED transparent screen is more transparent and does not depend on glass. No traditional keel blocks the line of sight, maintenance is simple, high stability, high definition. It is the first choice in the field of architectural glass curtain wall.