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LED light box

LED light box

Product Details

LED light box manufacturers deeply interpret 3D advertising machine upright Several splicing screens are connected online, in other words, several machines are combined to form an upright screen display image. The upright type of joint screen is mainly for the welcome, the front desk decoration, the merchants release information, the signage, etc., and is easy to use and easy to assemble.  

3D advertising machine upright type screen has specific content can be freely changed and broadcast specific content settings, the specific content of the broadcast can be selected to enlarge and reduce and non-advertising, the overall specific content loop, a single specific content Cycle through, broadcast the number of times, change the order of the broadcast and other functions.  

The screen display is novel, advanced, high-brightness and high-resolution, and easy to move on the screen. Putting the screen on the specific content and changing the vertical screen on the exhibition is also a good artifact for drainage and eye-catching, as well as celebrations, wedding banquets, annual meetings, opening ceremonies, and commercial performances.  

The led advertising light box will not be bright and can be repaired? 

1. Problem: The internal wiring of the plug is loose and aging 

Solution: Open the plug and reconnect the wire head 

2. Problem: Line aging 

Solution: Check carefully if the line has been oxidized and confirm the update line 

3.Question: Short-circuit inside the advertising light box 

Solution: Turn on the advertising light box to check if there is any place where the lamp and the aluminum-plastic panel touch, and isolate it, such as the advertising light box. Deformation Add a foam board or insulation on the inside of the advertising light box with a glue stick to make it clear and open!